A life full of problems?


Or the forest of problem trees.

Sometimes it seems to us that we are facing an almost unsolvable amount of problems, be it life circumstances, psychological problems and illnesses.
Nothing seems to succeed.

Now it is so that everything has its causes in the (spiritually) unconscious, only, where do I start?

Just imagine your life as if you were standing in front of a forest full of trees. You know that somewhere behind the forest the sun is shining, and if you still have a little hope
If you still have a little hope, then it even shines through the trees. And now you immediately think,
I can never solve all these problems.

Yes, you can. Even easier than you think. You just have to approach it systematically. Because you can't see the trees for the forest.

Start to name your problems in detail, imagine that you attach a piece of paper to each tree, on which the problem is written,
that tree represents. Ideally, you can also rate the severity of the problem, so between 0, then it would be no problem, and 10,
then it is a very big problem. You can imagine that 10 represents the very thick trees, and the low rated problems the very thin ones.

Once this is done, then you can begin to cut down one tree at a time. In our Mind Clearing System, we mostly use EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques,
to remove the root causes of the problems.

Mind you, the causes, not just the symptoms, as was originally the case with EFT.

That's why we usually call it MCTS (mind clearing tapping solution), the tapping sequence is the same, only the topic identification is different.

Of course it can happen that during the tapping of the first row of trees other trees appear, from the back rows, which could not be seen yet.
They are then added to the list.

And the best thing about it is that when you have cut down a certain number of trees, other trees fall down at the same time. Because they had the same cause.

For further explanation: If someone had an event as a child at the age of 5, for example, then he stores it away. Because he cannot process it at this age.
But in doing so, a belief set has been created, which from that point on keeps self-actualizing and possibly creates dozens of other similar events.
So if one taps a later event, the original situation remains untouched. Of course, the emotional burden can be dissolved, but this is not certain.
If, on the other hand, the original event is tapped, it is possible that many other later situations have also been resolved.
You can recognize this by the fact that when you look at the events on the list, absolutely no feeling comes up anymore.
That's why we always recommend that you start with the earliest events.

Isn't it brilliant? Sure, you have to do something about it, but you notice the effects pretty quickly. And if you keep at it, the results are dramatic.

Risks and side effects? Yes, it will change your life, probably your doctor will lose another patient,
because there is no reason to visit him anymore, you will achieve mental and spiritual freedom, in short, your life will change dramatically.
Of course, there are also disadvantages. You lose the reason to complain, to be pitied, you may not get hospital food anymore and so on.

What did Morpheus say so aptly to Neo: "I can only show you the door, you must go through it yourself."

Are you ready for this adventure?


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