You have the power if you want it


What does this mean? What is meant is that we create our reality with our thinking.

So far, so good, why does it work sometimes and sometimes not?


That was just a trick question, because it always works. Error-free and with absolute certainty.

And now I already hear the objections: "If it always worked, then I would not be sick, not in lack, not lonely, etc.".

Yet, it works, always, absolutely and flawlessly. If it doesn't go the way your mind would like it to, then it's your subconscious,
which thinks differently based on his experiences.

In order to claim your power to think, it is necessary to gain an awareness of this power.
Everything you find in your reality is "conceived" by you, consciously or subconsciously.

What does it mean to have an awareness of this?

It is not enough to read a few nice and encouraging sentences, "knowledge" must become "certainty".
This thought must become self-evident to you, without any doubt.

Of course, you don't "have to" do anything at all, it refers to the fact that it is necessary if you really want to make use of your spiritual power.

If you then realize as a result that everything in your life is your creation, then you can also change this creation.

Each of us resonates with the information (or draws it into his life) that corresponds to his current consciousness.
You can now use this statement to see whether you are dealing with the information you already know, or whether you are asking the right questions and thus containing new, expanded information.

Knowledge is and has always been a debt to get, if I do not ask the right questions, I only get the answers that others think for me.

And it is precisely these considerations that have led me to change this homepage in such a way that a free registration is necessary for most contributions.

We, Sigrid and I, have written and published a lot and everything has been so accessible so far. However, also for many coaches who want to earn money with it, often without really understanding what it is ultimately about.

This is and was not in the sense of the inventor (who we are).

We designed the Mind Clearing System and made it public so that everyone can work with it for themselves. Because we do it out of conviction, and a lot of heart and soul has gone into this system.

Why don't we make it commercial?

Because the Mind Clearing System calls for personal responsibility. Because the necessary changes can only take place in everyone themselves, no one can do that for another.

Our texts are an offer to the seekers, to those who ask themselves the right questions.

In this respect, we do not want to and cannot injure up a system that they are not or not yet prepared to do. That would be pointless and, incidentally, not morally just. Because you can't help anyone who isn't willing to work on themselves.

Of course, there are also things here that are no longer in vain. It is not the case that we refuse to receive compensation for our work.

These are the books (whereby the price is mainly from production and distribution), these are seminars (online and if necessary also on site) and of course the personal consultations.

And of course, everyone is welcome to support the work on the homepage and gets access to bonus content.

What is very important to us is that everyone who pays something receives value for it.

(In this respect, we also reject consultations if we notice that the person is not prepared to work on himself.)


You can think about it, or you can't. Everyone has a choice.