Vladimir Putin: The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World War II


The Russian president offers a comprehensive assessment of the legacy of World War II, arguing that "Today, European politicians, and Polish leaders in particular, wish to sweep the Munich Betrayal under the carpet. The Munich Betrayal showed to the Soviet Union that the Western countries would deal with security issues without taking its interests into account."

by Vladimir Putin

Seventy-five years have passed since the end of the Great Patriotic War. Several generations have grown up over the years. The political map of the planet has changed. The Soviet Union that claimed an epic, crushing victory over Nazism and saved the entire world is gone. Besides, the events of that war have long become a distant memory, even for its participants. So why does Russia celebrate the ninth of May as the biggest holiday? Why does life almost come to a halt on June 22? And why does one feel a lump rise in their throat?

They usually say that the war has left a deep imprint on every family's history. Behind these words, there are fates of millions of people, their sufferings and the pain of loss. Behind these words, there is also the pride, the truth and the memory.

For my parents, the war meant the terrible ordeals of the Siege of Leningrad where my two-year-old brother Vitya died. It was the place where my mother miraculously managed to survive. My father, despite being exempt from active duty, volunteered to defend his hometown. He made the same decision as millions of Soviet citizens. He fought at the Nevsky Pyatachok bridgehead and was severely wounded. And the more years pass, the more I feel the need to talk to my parents and learn more about the war period of their lives. However, I no longer have the opportunity to do so. This is the reason why I treasure in my heart those conversations I had with my father and mother on this subject, as well as the little emotion they showed.

People of my age and I believe it is important that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren understand the torment and hardships their ancestors had to endure. They need to understand how their ancestors managed to persevere and win. Where did their sheer, unbending willpower that amazed and fascinated the whole world come from? Sure, they were defending their home, their children, loved ones and families. However, what they shared was the love for their homeland, their Motherland. That deep-seated, intimate feeling is fully reflected in the very essence of our nation and became one of the decisive factors in its heroic, sacrificial fight against the Nazis.

I often wonder: What would today's generation do? How will it act when faced with a crisis situation? I see young doctors, nurses, sometimes fresh graduates that go to the "red zone" to save lives. I see our servicemen that fight international terrorism in the Northern Caucasus and fought to the bitter end in Syria. They are so young. Many servicemen who were part of the legendary, immortal 6th Paratroop Company were 19-20 years old. But all of them proved that they deserved to inherit the feat of the warriors of our homeland that defended it during the Great Patriotic War.

This is why I am confident that one of the characteristic features of the peoples of Russia is to fulfill their duty without feeling sorry for themselves when the circumstances so demand. Such values as selflessness, patriotism, love for their home, their family and Motherland remain fundamental and integral to the Russian society to this day. These values are, to a large extent, the backbone of our country's sovereignty.

Nowadays, we have new traditions created by the people, such as the Immortal Regiment. This is the memory march that symbolizes our gratitude, as well as the living connection and the blood ties between generations. Millions of people come out to the streets carrying the photographs of their relatives that defended their Motherland and defeated the Nazis. This means that their lives, their ordeals and sacrifices, as well as the Victory that they left to us will never be forgotten.

We have a responsibility to our past and our future to do our utmost to prevent those horrible tragedies from happening ever again. Hence, I was compelled to come out with an article about World War II and the Great Patriotic War. I have discussed this idea on several occasions with world leaders, and they have showed their support. At the summit of CIS leaders held at the end of last year, we all agreed on one thing: it is essential to pass on to future generations the memory of the fact that the Nazis were defeated first and foremost by the Soviet people and that representatives of all republics of the Soviet Union fought side by side together in that heroic battle, both on the frontlines and in the rear. During that summit, I also talked with my counterparts about the challenging pre-war period.

That conversation caused a stir in Europe and the world. It means that it is indeed high time that we revisited the lessons of the past. At the same time, there were many emotional outbursts, poorly disguised insecurities and loud accusations that followed. Acting out of habit, certain politicians rushed to claim that Russia was trying to rewrite history. However, they failed to rebut a single fact or refute a single argument. It is indeed difficult, if not impossible, to argue with the original documents that, by the way, can be found not only in the Russian, but also in the foreign archives.

Thus, there is a need to further examine the reasons that caused the world war and reflect on its complicated events, tragedies and victories, as well as its lessons, both for our country and the entire world. And like I said, it is crucial to rely exclusively on archive documents and contemporary evidence while avoiding any ideological or politicized speculations.

I would like to once again recall the obvious fact. The root causes of World War II mainly stem from the decisions made after World War I. The Treaty of Versailles became a symbol of grave injustice for Germany. It basically implied that the country was to be robbed, being forced to pay enormous reparations to the Western allies that drained its economy. French marshal Ferdinand Foch who served as the Supreme Allied Commander gave a prophetic description of that Treaty: "This is not peace. It is an armistice for twenty years."

It was the national humiliation that became a fertile ground for radical sentiments of revenge in Germany. The Nazis skillfully played on people's emotions and built their propaganda promising to deliver Germany from the "legacy of Versailles" and restore the country to its former power while essentially pushing German people into war. Paradoxically, the Western states, particularly the United Kingdom and the United States, directly or indirectly contributed to this. Their financial and industrial enterprises actively invested in German factories and plants manufacturing military products. Besides, many people in the aristocracy and political establishment supported radical, far-right and nationalist movements that were on the rise both in Germany and in Europe.

The "Versailles world order" caused numerous implicit controversies and apparent conflicts. They revolved around the borders of new European states randomly set by the victors in World War I. That boundary delimitation was almost immediately followed by territorial disputes and mutual claims that turned into "time bombs".

One of the major outcomes of World War I was the establishment of the League of Nations. There were high expectations for that international organization to ensure lasting peace and collective security. It was a progressive idea that, if followed through consistently, could actually prevent the horrors of a global war from happening again.

However, the League of Nations dominated by the victorious powers of France and the United Kingdom proved ineffective and just got swamped by pointless discussions. The League of Nations and the European continent in general turned a deaf ear to the repeated calls of the Soviet Union to establish an equitable collective security system, and sign an Eastern European pact and a Pacific pact to prevent aggression. These proposals were disregarded.

The League of Nations also failed to prevent conflicts in various parts of the world, such as the attack of Italy on Ethiopia, the civil war in Spain, the Japanese aggression against China and the Anschluss of Austria. Furthermore, in case of the Munich Betrayal that, in addition to Hitler and Mussolini, involved British and French leaders, Czechoslovakia was taken apart with the full approval of the League of Nations. I would like to point out in this regard that, unlike many other European leaders of that time, Stalin did not disgrace himself by meeting with Hitler who was known among the Western nations as quite a reputable politician and was a welcome guest in the European capitals.

Poland was also engaged in the partition of Czechoslovakia along with Germany. They decided together in advance who would get what Czechoslovak territories. On September 20, 1938, Polish Ambassador to Germany Józef Lipski reported to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Józef Beck on the following assurances made by Hitler: "…in case of a conflict between Poland and Czechoslovakia over our interests in Teschen, the Reich would stand by Poland." The Nazi leader even prompted and advised that Poland started to act "only after the Germans occupy the Sudetes."

Poland was aware that without Hitler's support, its annexationist plans were doomed to fail. I would like to quote in this regard a record of the conversation between German Ambassador to Warsaw Hans-Adolf von Moltke and Józef Beck that took place on October 1, 1938, and was focused on the Polish-Czech relations and the position of the Soviet Union in this matter. It says: "Mr. Beck expressed real gratitude for the loyal treatment accorded [to] Polish interests at the Munich conference, as well as the sincerity of relations during the Czech conflict. The attitude of the Führer and Chancellor was fully appreciated by the Government and the public [of Poland]."

The partition of Czechoslovakia was brutal and cynical. Munich destroyed even the formal, fragile guarantees that remained on the continent. It showed that mutual agreements were worthless. It was the Munich Betrayal that served as a "trigger" and made the great war in Europe inevitable.

Today, European politicians, and Polish leaders in particular, wish to sweep the Munich Betrayal under the carpet. Why? The fact that their countries once broke their commitments and supported the Munich Betrayal, with some of them even participating in divvying up the take, is not the only reason. Another is that it is kind of embarrassing to recall that during those dramatic days of 1938, the Soviet Union was the only one to stand up for Czechoslovakia.

The Soviet Union, in accordance with its international obligations, including agreements with France and Czechoslovakia, tried to prevent the tragedy from happening. Meanwhile, Poland, in pursuit of its interests, was doing its utmost to hamper the establishment of a collective security system in Europe. Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Józef Beck wrote about it directly in his letter of September 19, 1938 to the aforementioned Ambassador Józef Lipski before his meeting with Hitler: "…in the past year, the Polish government rejected four times the proposal to join the international interfering in defense of Czechoslovakia."

Britain, as well as France, which was at the time the main ally of the Czechs and Slovaks, chose to withdraw their guarantees and abandon this Eastern European country to its fate. In so doing, they sought to direct the attention of the Nazis eastward so that Germany and the Soviet Union would inevitably clash and bleed each other white.

That is the essence of the western policy of appeasement, which was pursued not only towards the Third Reich but also towards other participants of the so-called Anti-Comintern Pact – the fascist Italy and militarist Japan. In the Far East, this policy culminated in the conclusion of the Anglo-Japanese agreement in the summer of 1939, which gave Tokyo a free hand in China. The leading European powers were unwilling to recognize the mortal danger posed by Germany and its allies to the whole world. They were hoping that they themselves would be left untouched by the war.

The Munich Betrayal showed to the Soviet Union that the Western countries would deal with security issues without taking its interests into account. In fact, they could even create an anti-Soviet front, if needed.

Nevertheless, the Soviet Union did its utmost to use every chance of creating an anti-Hitler coalition. Despite – I will say it again – the double‑dealing on the part of the Western countries. For instance, the intelligence services reported to the Soviet leadership detailed information on the behind-the-scenes contacts between Britain and Germany in the summer of 1939. The important thing is that those contacts were quite active and practically coincided with the tripartite negotiations between France, Great Britain and the USSR, which were, on the contrary, deliberately protracted by the Western partners. In this connection, I will cite a document from the British archives. It contains instructions to the British military mission that came to Moscow in August 1939. It directly states that the delegation was to proceed with negotiations very slowly, and that the Government of the United Kingdom was not ready to assume any obligations spelled out in detail and limiting their freedom of action under any circumstances. I will also note that, unlike the British and French delegations, the Soviet delegation was headed by top commanders of the Red Army, who had the necessary authority to "sign a military convention on the organization of military defense of England, France and the USSR against aggression in Europe."

Poland played its role in the failure of those negotiations as it did not want to have any obligations to the Soviet side. Even under pressure from their Western allies, the Polish leadership rejected the idea of joint action with the Red Army to fight against the Wehrmacht. It was only when they learned of the arrival of Ribbentrop to Moscow that J. Beck reluctantly and not directly, through French diplomats, notified the Soviet side: "… in the event of joint action against the German aggression, cooperation between Poland and the Soviet Union is not out of the question, in technical circumstances which remain to be agreed."  At the same time, he explained to his colleagues: "… I agreed to this wording only for the sake of the tactics, and our core position in relation to the Soviet Union is final and remains unchanged."

In these circumstances, the Soviet Union signed the Non-Aggression Pact with Germany. It was practically the last among the European countries to do so. Besides, it was done in the face of a real threat of war on two fronts – with Germany in the west and with Japan in the east, where intense fighting on the Khalkhin Gol River was already underway.

Stalin and his entourage, indeed, deserve many legitimate accusations. We remember the crimes committed by the regime against its own people and the horror of mass repressions. In other words, there are many things the Soviet leaders can be reproached for, but poor understanding of the nature of external threats is not one of them. They saw how attempts were made to leave the Soviet Union alone to deal with Germany and its allies. Bearing in mind this real threat, they sought to buy precious time needed to strengthen the country's defenses.

Nowadays, we hear lots of speculations and accusations against modern Russia in connection with the Non-Aggression Pact signed back then. Yes, Russia is the legal successor state to the USSR, and the Soviet period – with all its triumphs and tragedies – is an inalienable part of our thousand-year-long history. However, let us recall that the Soviet Union gave a legal and moral assessment of the so-called Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. The Supreme Soviet in its resolution of 24 December 1989 officially denounced the secret protocols as "an act of personal power" which in no way reflected "the will of the Soviet people who bear no responsibility for this collusion."

Yet other states have preferred to forget the agreements carrying signatures of the Nazis and Western politicians, not to mention giving legal or political assessments of such cooperation, including the silent acquiescence – or even direct abetment – of some European politicians in the barbarous plans of the Nazis. It will suffice to remember the cynical phrase said by Polish Ambassador to Germany J. Lipski during his conversation with Hitler on 20 September 1938: "…for solving the Jewish problem, we [the Poles] will build in his honor … a splendid monument in Warsaw."

Besides, we do not know if there were any secret "protocols" or annexes to agreements of a number of countries with the Nazis. The only thing that is left to do is to take their word for it. In particular, materials pertaining to the secret Anglo-German talks still have not been declassified. Therefore, we urge all states to step up the process of making their archives public and publishing previously unknown documents of the war and pre-war periods – the way Russia has done it in recent years. In this context, we are ready for broad cooperation and joint research projects engaging historians.

But let us go back to the events immediately preceding the Second World War. It was naïve to believe that Hitler, once done with Czechoslovakia, would not make new territorial claims. This time the claims involved its recent accomplice in the partition of Czechoslovakia – Poland. Here, the legacy of Versailles, particularly the fate of the so-called Danzig Corridor, was yet again used as the pretext. The blame for the tragedy that Poland then suffered lies entirely with the Polish leadership, which had impeded the formation of a military alliance between Britain, France and the Soviet Union and relied on the help from its Western partners, throwing its own people under the steamroller of Hitler's machine of destruction.

The German offensive was mounted in full accordance with the blitzkrieg doctrine. Despite the fierce, heroic resistance of the Polish army, on 8 September 1939 – only a week after the war broke out – the German troops were on the approaches to Warsaw. By 17 September, the military and political leaders of Poland had fled to Romania, abandoning its people, who continued to fight against the invaders.

Poland's hope for help from its Western allies was in vain. After the war against Germany was declared, the French troops advanced only a few tens of kilometers deep into the German territory. All of it looked like a mere demonstration of vigorous action. Moreover, the Anglo-French Supreme War Council, holding its first meeting on 12 September 1939 in the French city of Abbeville, decided to call off the offensive altogether in view of the rapid developments in Poland. That was when the infamous Phony War started. What Britain and France did was a blatant betrayal of their obligations to Poland.

Later, during the Nuremberg trials, German generals explained their quick success in the East. The former chief of the operations staff of the German armed forces high command, General Alfred Jodl admitted: "… we did not suffer defeat as early as 1939 only because about 110 French and British divisions stationed in the west against 23 German divisions during our war with Poland remained absolutely idle."

I asked for retrieval from the archives of the whole body of materials pertaining to the contacts between the USSR and Germany in the dramatic days of August and September 1939. According to the documents, paragraph 2 of the Secret Protocol to the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of 23 August 1939 stated that, in the event of territorial-political reorganization of the districts making up the Polish state, the border of the spheres of interest of the two countries would run "approximately along the Narew, Vistula and San rivers". In other words, the Soviet sphere of influence included not only the territories that were mostly home to Ukrainian and Belarusian population but also the historically Polish lands in the Vistula and Bug interfluve. This fact is known to very few these days.

Similarly, very few know that, immediately following the attack on Poland, in the early days of September 1939 Berlin strongly and repeatedly called on Moscow to join the military action. However, the Soviet leadership ignored those calls and planned to avoid engaging in the dramatic developments as long as possible.

It was only when it became absolutely clear that Great Britain and France were not going to help their ally and the Wehrmacht could swiftly occupy entire Poland and thus appear on the approaches to Minsk that the Soviet Union decided to send in, on the morning of 17 September, Red Army units into the so-called Eastern Borderlines, which nowadays form part of the territories of Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Obviously, there was no alternative. Otherwise, the USSR would face seriously increased risks because – I will say this again – the old Soviet-Polish border ran only within a few tens of kilometers of Minsk. The country would have to enter the inevitable war with the Nazis from very disadvantageous strategic positions, while millions of people of different nationalities, including the Jews living near Brest and Grodno, Przemyśl, Lvov and Wilno, would be left to die at the hands of the Nazis and their local accomplices – anti-Semites and radical nationalists.

The fact that the Soviet Union sought to avoid engaging in the growing conflict for as long as possible and was unwilling to fight side by side with Germany was the reason why the real contact between the Soviet and the German troops occurred much farther east than the borders agreed in the secret protocol. It was not on the Vistula River but closer to the so-called Curzon Line, which back in 1919 was recommended by the Triple Entente as the eastern border of Poland.

As is known, there is hardly any point in using the subjunctive mood when we speak of the past events. I will only say that, in September 1939, the Soviet leadership had an opportunity to move the western borders of the USSR even farther west, all the way to Warsaw, but decided against it.

The Germans suggested formalizing the new status quo. On September 28, 1939 Joachim von Ribbentrop and V.Molotov signed in Moscow the Boundary and Friendship Treaty between Germany and the Soviet Union, as well as the secret protocol on changing the state border, according to which the border was recognized at the demarcation line where the two armies de-facto stood.

In autumn 1939, the Soviet Union, pursuing its strategic military and defensive goals, started the process of the incorporation of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Their accession to the USSR was implemented on a contractual basis, with the consent of the elected authorities. This was in line with international and state law of that time. Besides, in October 1939, the city of Vilna and the surrounding area, which had previously been part of Poland, were returned to Lithuania. The Baltic republics within the USSR preserved their government bodies, language, and had representation in the higher state structures of the Soviet Union.

During all these months there was an ongoing invisible diplomatic and politico-military struggle and intelligence work. Moscow understood that it was facing a fierce and cruel enemy, and that a covert war against Nazism was already going on. And there is no reason to take official statements and formal protocol notes of that time as a proof of ‘friendship' between the USSR and Germany. The Soviet Union had active trade and technical contacts not only with Germany, but with other countries as well. Whereas Hitler tried again and again to draw the Soviet Union into Germany's confrontation with the UK. But the Soviet government stood firm.

The last attempt to persuade the USSR to act together was made by Hitler during the visit of Molotov to Berlin in November 1940. But Molotov accurately followed Stalin's instructions and limited himself to a general discussion of the German idea of the Soviet Union joining the Tripartite Pact signed by Germany, Italy and Japan in September 1940 and directed against the UK and the USA. No wonder that already on November 17 Molotov gave the following instructions to Soviet plenipotentiary representative in London Ivan Maisky: "For your information…No agreement was signed or was intended to be signed in Berlin. We just exchanged our views in Berlin…and that was all…Apparently, the Germans and the Japanese seem anxious to push us towards the Gulf and India. We declined the discussion of this matter as we consider such advice on the part of Germany to be inappropriate." And on November 25 the Soviet leadership called it a day altogether by officially putting forward to Berlin the conditions that were unacceptable to the Nazis, including the withdrawal of German troops from Finland, mutual assistance treaty between Bulgaria and the USSR, and a number of others. Thus it deliberately excluded any possibility of joining the Pact. Such position definitely shaped the Fuehrer's intention to unleash a war against the USSR. And already in December, putting aside the warnings of his strategists about the disastrous danger of having a two-front war, Hitler approved the Barbarossa Plan. He did this with the knowledge that the Soviet Union was the major force that opposed him in Europe and that the upcoming battle in the East would decide the outcome of the world war. And he had no doubts as to the swiftness and success of the Moscow campaign.

And here I would like to highlight the following: Western countries, as a matter of fact, agreed at that time with the Soviet actions and recognized the Soviet Union's intention to ensure its national security. Indeed, back on October 1, 1939 Winston Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty back then, in his speech on the radio said, "Russia has pursued a cold policy of self-interest… But that the Russian armies should stand on this line [the new Western border is meant] was clearly necessary for the safety of Russia against the Nazi menace." On October 4, 1939 speaking in the House of Lords British Foreign Secretary Halifax said, "…it should be recalled that the Soviet government's actions were to move the border essentially to the line recommended at the Versailles Conference by Lord Curzon... I only cite historical facts and believe they are indisputable." Prominent British politician and statesman D. Lloyd George emphasized, "The Russian armies occupied the territories that are not Polish and that were forcibly seized by Poland after the First World War ... It would be an act of criminal insanity to put the Russian advancement on a par with the German one."

In informal communications with Soviet plenipotentiary representative Maisky, British diplomats and high-level politicians spoke even more openly. On October 17, 1939 Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs R. A. Butler confided him that the British government circles believed there could be no question of returning Western Ukraine and Belarus to Poland. According to him, if it had been possible to create an ethnographic Poland of a modest size with a guarantee not only of the USSR and Germany, but also of Britain and France, the British government would have considered itself quite satisfied. On October 27, 1939, Chamberlain's senior advisor H.Wilson said that Poland had to be restored as an independent state on its ethnographic basis, but without Western Ukraine and Belarus.

It is worth noting that in the course of these conversations the possibilities for improving British-Soviet relations were also being explored. These contacts to a large extent laid the foundation for future alliance and anti-Hitler coalition. Churchill stood out among other responsible and far-sighted politicians and, despite his infamous dislike for the USSR, had been in favour of cooperating with the Soviets even before. Back in May 1939, he said in the House of Commons, "We shall be in mortal danger if we fail to create a grand alliance against aggression. The worst folly would be to drive away any natural cooperation with Soviet Russia." And after the start of hostilities in Europe, at his meeting with Maisky on October 6, 1939 he confided that there were no serious contradictions between the UK and the USSR and, therefore, there was no reason for strained or unsatisfactory relations. He also mentioned that the British government was eager to develop trade relations and willing to discuss any other measures that might improve the relationships.

The Second World War did not happen overnight, nor did it start unexpectedly or all of a sudden. And German aggression against Poland was not out of nowhere. It was the result of a number of tendencies and factors of the world policy of that time. All pre-war events fell into place to form one fatal chain. But, undoubtedly, the main factors that predetermined the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind were state egoism, cowardice, appeasement of the aggressor who was gaining strength, and unwillingness of political elites to search for a compromise.

Therefore, it is unfair to claim that the two-day visit to Moscow of Nazi Foreign Minister Ribbentrop was the main reason for the start of the Second World War. All the leading countries are to a certain extent responsible for its outbreak. Each of them made fatal mistakes, arrogantly believing that they could outsmart others, secure unilateral advantages for themselves or stay away from the impending world catastrophe. And this short-sightedness, the refusal to create a collective security system cost millions of lives and tremendous losses.

Saying this, I by no means intend to take on the role of a judge, to accuse or acquit anyone, let alone initiate a new round of international information confrontation in the historical field that could set countries and peoples at loggerheads. I believe that it is academics with a wide representation of respected scientists from different countries of the world who should search for a balanced assessment of what happened. We all need the truth and objectivity. On my part, I have always encouraged my colleagues to build a calm, open and trust-based dialogue, to look at the common past in a self-critical and unbiased manner. Such an approach will make it possible not to repeat the errors committed back then and to ensure peaceful and successful development for years to come.

However, many of our partners are not yet ready for joint work. On the contrary, pursuing their goals, they increase the number and the scope of information attacks against our country, trying to make us provide excuses and feel guilty, and adopt thoroughly hypocritical and politically motivated declarations. Thus, for example, the resolution on the Importance of European Remembrance for the Future of Europe approved by the European Parliament on 19 September 2019 directly accused the USSR together with the Nazi Germany of unleashing the Second World War. Needless to say, there is no mention of Munich in it whatsoever.

I believe that such ‘paperwork' – for I cannot call this resolution a document – which is clearly intended to provoke a scandal, is fraught with real and dangerous threats. Indeed, it was adopted by a highly respectable institution. And what does that show? Regrettably, this reveals a deliberate policy aimed at destroying the post-war world order whose creation was a matter of honour and responsibility for States a number of representatives of which voted today in favour of this deceitful resolution. Thus, they challenged the conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunal and the efforts of the international community to create after the victorious 1945 universal international institutions. Let me remind you in this regard that the process of European integration itself leading to the establishment of relevant structures, including the European Parliament, became possible only due to the lessons learnt form the past and its accurate legal and political assessment. And those who deliberately put this consensus into question undermine the foundations of the entire post-war Europe.

Apart from posing a threat to the fundamental principles of the world order, this also raises certain moral and ethical issues. Desecrating and insulting the memory is mean. Meanness can be deliberate, hypocritical and pretty much intentional as in the situation when declarations commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War mention all participants in the anti-Hitler coalition except for the Soviet Union. Meanness can be cowardly as in the situation when monuments erected in honour of those who fought against Nazism are demolished and these shameful acts are justified by the false slogans of the fight against an unwelcome ideology and alleged occupation. Meanness can also be bloody as in the situation when those who come out against neo-Nazis and Bandera's successors are killed and burned. Once again, meanness can have different manifestations, but this does not make it less disgusting.

Neglecting the lessons of history inevitably leads to a harsh payback. We will firmly uphold the truth based on documented historical facts. We will continue to be honest and impartial about the events of World War II. This includes a large-scale project to establish Russia's largest collection of archival records, film and photo materials about the history of World War II and the pre‑war period.

Such work is already underway. Many new, recently discovered or declassified materials were also used in the preparation of this article. In this regard, I can state with all responsibility that there are no archive documents that would confirm the assumption that the USSR intended to start a preventive war against Germany. The Soviet military leadership indeed followed a doctrine according to which, in the event of aggression, the Red Army would promptly confront the enemy, go on the offensive and wage war on enemy territory. However, such strategic plans did not imply any intention to attack Germany first.

Of course, military planning documents, letters of instruction of Soviet and German headquarters are now available to historians. Finally, we know the true course of events. From the perspective of this knowledge, many argue about the actions, mistakes and misjudgment of the country's military and political leadership. In this regard, I will say one thing: along with a huge flow of misinformation of various kinds, Soviet leaders also received true information about the upcoming Nazi aggression. And in the pre-war months, they took steps to improve the combat readiness of the country, including the secret recruitment of a part of those liable for military duty for military training and the redeployment of units and reserves from internal military districts to western borders.

The war did not come as a surprise, people were expecting it, preparing for it. But the Nazi attack was truly unprecedented in terms of its destructive power. On June 22, 1941, the Soviet Union faced the strongest, most mobilized and skilled army in the world with the industrial, economic and military potential of almost all Europe working for it. Not only the Wehrmacht, but also German satellites, military contingents of many other states of the European continent, took part in this deadly invasion.

The most serious military defeats in 1941 brought the country to the brink of catastrophe. Combat power and control had to be restored by extreme means, nation-wide mobilization and intensification of all efforts of the state and the people. In summer 1941, millions of citizens, hundreds of factories and industries began to be evacuated under enemy fire to the east of the country. The manufacture of weapons and munition, that had started to be supplied to the front already in the first military winter, was launched in the shortest possible time, and by 1943, the rates of military production of Germany and its allies were exceeded. Within six months, the Soviet people did something that seemed impossible. Both on the front lines and the home front. It is still hard to realize, understand and imagine what incredible efforts, courage, dedication these greatest achievements were worth.

The tremendous power of Soviet society, united by the desire to protect their native land, rose against the powerful, armed to the teeth, cold-blooded Nazi invading machine. It stood up to take revenge on the enemy, who had broken, trampled peaceful life, people's plans and hopes.

Of course, fear, confusion and desperation were taking over some people during this terrible and bloody war. There were betrayal and desertion. The harsh split caused by the revolution and the Civil War, nihilism, mockery of national history, traditions and faith that the Bolsheviks tried to impose, especially in the first years after coming to power – all of this had its impact. But the general attitude of the absolute majority of Soviet citizens and our compatriots who found themselves abroad was different – to save and protect the Motherland. It was a real and irrepressible impulse. People were looking for support in true patriotic values.

The Nazi "strategists" were convinced that a huge multinational state could easily be brought to heel. They thought that the sudden outbreak of the war, its mercilessness and unbearable hardships would inevitably exacerbate inter-ethnic relations. And that the country could be split into pieces. Hitler clearly stated: "Our policy towards the peoples living in the vastness of Russia should be to promote any form of disagreement and division".

But from the very first days, it was clear that the Nazi plan had failed. The Brest Fortress was protected to the last drop of blood by its defenders of more than 30 ethnicities. Throughout the war, the feat of the Soviet people knew no national boundaries – both in large-scale decisive battles and in the protection of every foothold, every meter of native land.

The Volga region and the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, the republics of Central Asia and Transcaucasia became home to millions of evacuees. Their residents shared everything they had and provided all the support they could. Friendship of peoples and mutual help became a real indestructible fortress for the enemy.

The Soviet Union and the Red Army, no matter what anyone is trying to prove today, made the main and crucial contribution to the defeat of Nazism. These were heroes who fought to the end surrounded by the enemy at  Bialystok and Mogilev, Uman and Kiev, Vyazma and Kharkov. They launched attacks near Moscow and Stalingrad, Sevastopol and Odessa, Kursk and Smolensk. They liberated Warsaw, Belgrade, Vienna and Prague. They stormed Koenigsberg and Berlin.

We contend for genuine, unvarnished, or whitewashed truth about war. This national, human truth, which is hard, bitter and merciless, has been handed down to us by writers and poets who walked through fire and hell of front trials. For my generation, as well as for others, their honest and deep stories, novels, piercing trench prose and poems have left their mark in my soul forever. Honoring veterans who did everything they could for the Victory and remembering those who died on the battlefield has become our moral duty.

And today, the simple and great in its essence lines of Alexander Tvardovsky's poem "I was killed near Rzhev ..." dedicated to the participants of the bloody and brutal battle of the Great Patriotic War in the center of the Soviet-German front line are astonishing. Only in the battles for Rzhev and the Rzhevsky Salient from October 1941 to March 1943, the Red Army lost 1,154, 698 people, including wounded and missing. For the first time, I call out these terrible, tragic and far from complete figures collected from archive sources. I do it to honor the memory of the feat of known and nameless heroes, who for various reasons were undeservingly, and unfairly little talked about or not mentioned at all in the post-war years.

Let me cite you another document. This is a report of February 1954 on reparation from Germany by the Allied Commission on Reparations headed by Ivan Maisky. The Commission's task was to define a formula according to which defeated Germany would have to pay for the damages sustained by the victor powers. The Commission concluded that "the number of soldier-days spent by Germany on the Soviet front is at least 10 times higher than on all other allied fronts. The Soviet front also had to handle four-fifths of German tanks and about two-thirds of German aircraft." On the whole, the USSR accounted for about 75 percent of all military efforts undertaken by the anti-Hitler coalition. During the war period, the Red Army "ground up" 626 divisions of the Axis states, of which 508 were German.

On April 28, 1942, Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his address to the American nation: "These Russian forces have destroyed and are destroying more armed power of our enemies – troops, planes, tanks, and guns – than all the other United Nations put together". Winston Churchill in his message to Joseph Stalin of September 27, 1944, wrote "that it is the Russian army that tore the guts out of the German military machine…".

Such an assessment has resonated throughout the world. Because these words are the great truth, which no one doubted then. Almost 27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives on the fronts, in German prisons, starved to death and were bombed, died in ghettos and furnaces of the Nazi death camps. The USSR lost one in seven of its citizens, the UK lost one in 127, and the USA lost one in 320. Unfortunately, this figure of the Soviet Union's hardest and grievous losses is not exhaustive. The painstaking work should be continued to restore the names and fates of all who have perished – Red Army soldiers, partisans, underground fighters, prisoners of war and concentration camps, and civilians killed by the death squads. It is our duty. And here, members of the search movement, military‑patriotic and volunteer associations, such projects as the electronic database "Pamyat Naroda", which contains archival documents, play a special role. And, surely, close international cooperation is needed in such a common humanitarian task.

The efforts of all countries and peoples who fought against a common enemy resulted in victory. The British army protected its homeland from invasion, fought the Nazis and their satellites in the Mediterranean and North Africa. American and British troops liberated Italy and opened the Second Front. The US dealt powerful and crushing strikes against the aggressor in the Pacific Ocean. We remember the tremendous sacrifices made by the Chinese people and their great role in defeating Japanese militarists. Let us not forget the fighters of Fighting France, who did not fall for the shameful capitulation and continued to fight against the Nazis.

We will also always be grateful for the assistance rendered by the Allies in providing the Red Army with ammunition, raw materials, food and equipment. And that help was significant – about 7 percent of the total military production of the Soviet Union.

The core of the anti-Hitler coalition began to take shape immediately after the attack on the Soviet Union where the United States and Britain unconditionally supported it in the fight against Hitler's Germany. At the Tehran conference in 1943, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill formed an alliance of great powers, agreed to elaborate coalition diplomacy and a joint strategy in the fight against a common deadly threat. The leaders of the Big Three had a clear understanding that the unification of industrial, resource and military capabilities of the USSR, the United States and the UK will give unchallenged supremacy over the enemy.

The Soviet Union fully fulfilled its obligations to its allies and always offered a helping hand. Thus, the Red Army supported the landing of the Anglo-American troops in Normandy by carrying out a large-scale Operation Bagration in Belarus. In January 1945, having broken through to the Oder River, it put an end to the last powerful offensive of the Wehrmacht on the Western Front in the Ardennes. Three months after the victory over Germany, the USSR, in full accordance with the Yalta agreements, declared war on Japan and defeated the million-strong Kwantung Army.

Back in July 1941, the Soviet leadership declared that the purpose of the War against fascist oppressors was not only the elimination of the threat looming over our country, but also help for all the peoples of Europe suffering under the yoke of German fascism. By the middle of 1944, the enemy was expelled from virtually all of the Soviet territory. However, the enemy had to be finished off in its lair. And so the Red Army started its liberation mission in Europe. It saved entire nations from destruction and enslavement, and from the horror of the Holocaust. They were saved at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives of Soviet soldiers.

It is also important not to forget about the enormous material assistance that the USSR provided to the liberated countries in eliminating the threat of hunger and in rebuilding their economies and infrastructure. That was being done at the time when ashes stretched for thousands of miles all the way from Brest to Moscow and the Volga. For instance, in May 1945, the Austrian government asked the USSR to provide assistance with food, as it "had no idea how to feed its population in the next seven weeks before the new harvest." The state chancellor of the provisional government of the Austrian Republic Karl Renner described the consent of the Soviet leadership to send food as a saving act that the Austrians would never forget.

The Allies jointly established the International Military Tribunal to punish Nazi political and war criminals. Its decisions contained a clear legal qualification of crimes against humanity, such as genocide, ethnic and religious cleansing, anti-Semitism and xenophobia. Directly and unambiguously, the Nuremberg Tribunal also condemned the accomplices of the Nazis, collaborators of various kinds.

This shameful phenomenon manifested itself in all European countries. Such figures as Pétain, Quisling, Vlasov, Bandera, their henchmen and followers – though they were disguised as fighters for national independence or freedom from communism – are traitors and slaughterers. In inhumanity, they often exceeded their masters. In their desire to serve, as part of special punitive groups they willingly executed the most inhuman orders. They were responsible for such bloody events as the shootings of Babi Yar, the Volhynia massacre, burnt Khatyn, acts of destruction of Jews in Lithuania and Latvia.

Today as well, our position remains unchanged – there can be no excuse for the criminal acts of Nazi collaborators, there is no statute of limitations for them. It is therefore bewildering that in certain countries those who are smirched with cooperation with the Nazis are suddenly equated with the Second World War veterans. I believe that it is unacceptable to equate liberators with occupants. And I can only regard the glorification of Nazi collaborators as a betrayal of the memory of our fathers and grandfathers. A betrayal of the ideals that united peoples in the fight against Nazism.

At that time, the leaders of the USSR, the United States, and the UK faced, without exaggeration, a historic task. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill represented the countries with different ideologies, state aspirations, interests, cultures, but demonstrated great political will, rose above the contradictions and preferences and put the true interests of peace at the forefront. As a result, they were able to come to an agreement and achieve a solution from which all of humanity has benefited.

The victorious powers left us a system that has become the quintessence of the intellectual and political quest of several centuries. A series of conferences – Tehran, Yalta, San Francisco and Potsdam – laid the foundation of a world that for 75 years had no global war, despite the sharpest contradictions.

Historical revisionism, the manifestations of which we now observe in the West, and primarily with regard to the subject of the Second World War and its outcome, is dangerous because it grossly and cynically distorts the understanding of the principles of peaceful development, laid down at the Yalta and San Francisco conferences in 1945. The major historic achievement of Yalta and other decisions of that time is the agreement to create a mechanism that would allow the leading powers to remain within the framework of diplomacy in resolving their differences.

The twentieth century brought large-scale and comprehensive global conflicts, and in 1945 the nuclear weapons capable of physically destroying the Earth also entered the scene. In other words, the settlement of disputes by force has become prohibitively dangerous. And the victors in the Second World War understood that. They understood and were aware of their own responsibility towards humanity.

The cautionary tale of the League of Nations was taken into account in 1945. The structure of the UN Security Council was developed in a way to make peace guarantees as concrete and effective as possible. That is how the institution of the permanent members of the Security Council and the right of the veto as their privilege and responsibility came into being.

What is veto power in the UN Security Council? To put it bluntly, it is the only reasonable alternative to a direct confrontation between major countries. It is a statement by one of the five powers that a decision is unacceptable to it and is contrary to its interests and its ideas about the right approach. And other countries, even if they do not agree, take this position for granted, abandoning any attempts to realize their unilateral efforts. So, in one way or another, it is necessary to seek compromises.

A new global confrontation started almost immediately after the end of the Second World War and was at times very fierce. And the fact that the Cold War did not grow into the Third World War has become a clear testimony of the effectiveness of the agreements concluded by the Big Three. The rules of conduct agreed upon during the creation of the United Nations made it possible to further minimize risks and keep confrontation under control.

Of course, we can see that the UN system currently experiences certain tension in its work and is not as effective as it could be. But the UN still performs its primary function. The principles of the UN Security Council are a unique mechanism for preventing a major war or global conflict.

The calls that have been made quite often in recent years to abolish the veto power, to deny special opportunities to permanent members of the Security Council are actually irresponsible. After all, if that happens, the United Nations would in essence become the League of Nations – a meeting for empty talk without any leverage on the world processes. How it ended is well known. That is why the victorious powers approached the formation of the new system of the world order with utmost seriousness seeking to avoid repetition of the mistakes of their predecessors.

The creation of the modern system of international relations is one of the major outcomes of the Second World War. Even the most insurmountable contradictions – geopolitical, ideological, economic – do not prevent us from finding forms of peaceful coexistence and interaction, if there is the desire and will to do so. Today the world is going through quite a turbulent time. Everything is changing, from the global balance of power and influence to the social, economic and technological foundations of societies, nations and even continents. In the past epochs, shifts of such magnitude have almost never happened without major military conflicts. Without a power struggle to build a new global hierarchy. Thanks to the wisdom and farsightedness of the political figures of the Allied Powers, it was possible to create a system that has restrained from extreme manifestations of such objective competition, historically inherent in the world development.

It is a duty of ours – all those who take political responsibility and primarily representatives of the victorious powers in the Second World War – to guarantee that this system is maintained and improved. Today, as in 1945, it is important to demonstrate political will and discuss the future together. Our colleagues – Mr. Xi Jinping, Mr. Macron, Mr. Trump and Mr. Johnson – supported the Russian initiative to hold a meeting of the leaders of the five nuclear-weapon States, permanent members of the Security Council. We thank them for this and hope that such a face-to-face meeting could take place as soon as possible.

What is our vision of the agenda for the upcoming summit? First of all, in our opinion, it would be useful to discuss steps to develop collective principles in world affairs. To speak frankly about the issues of preserving peace, strengthening global and regional security, strategic arms control, as well as joint efforts in countering terrorism, extremism and other major challenges and threats.

A special item on the agenda of the meeting is the situation in the global economy. And above all, overcoming the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Our countries are taking unprecedented measures to protect the health and lives of people and to support citizens who have found themselves in difficult living situations. Our ability to work together and in concert, as real partners, will show how severe the impact of the pandemic will be, and how quickly the global economy will emerge from the recession. Moreover, it is unacceptable to turn the economy into an instrument of pressure and confrontation. Popular issues include environmental protection and combating climate change, as well as ensuring the security of the global information space.

The agenda proposed by Russia for the upcoming summit of the Five is extremely important and relevant both for our countries and for the entire world. And we have specific ideas and initiatives on all the items.

There can be no doubt that the summit of Russia, China, France, the United States, and the UK can play an important role in finding common answers to modern challenges and threats, and will demonstrate a common commitment to the spirit of alliance, to those high humanist ideals and values for which our fathers and grandfathers were fighting shoulder to shoulder.

Drawing on a shared historical memory, we can trust each other and must do so. That will serve as a solid basis for successful negotiations and concerted action for the sake of enhancing the stability and security on the planet and for the sake of prosperity and well-being of all States. Without exaggeration, it is our common duty and responsibility towards the entire world, towards the present and future generations.

Bill Gates or if people want to play God


When we look at what is happening in the world, we inevitably have to look at Bill Gates and ask ourselves what he is doing.
Because his influence is immense. After all, he has not only generously supported the Robert Koch Institute and the Berlin Charité,
also the magazine "Der Spiegel" got just under 2.5 million dollars.
Oh yes, he is still the who's the main investor.

Who is this Bill Gates?

For some, he is a gifted programmer who has had great economic success with his company Microsoft and is now committed to humanity and its health. This is at least the image that is sold to us again and again.

But what is he really? I doubt this in all areas. Yes, in all, even his rise as a programmer. Now I am lucky enough to have seen the development of Microsoft from the beginning, a little later I started to earn my money as a programmer.

The company Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who together with others had developed the programming language BASIC, it is called a garage company. Well, if you look at Gates' family background, the garage may not have been too small.

 The big breakthrough came in 1980, when Gates used vitamin B to get his foot in the door at IBM by selling them an operating system that he had swarmed for small money from another company (Seattle Computer). Over time, Microsoft's path has been constantly accompanied by predatory practices that have eliminated unwelcome competitors. In addition, Microsoft has always recruited the most capable programmers directly from the universities, who were there for a short time for small money, but were then able to earn good money from the competitors on the free market with the experience of the market leader.

But it's not about Microsoft's business practices, it's about its current efforts to health people around the world. But perhaps a little review of his business practices was interesting.

So, this Bill Gates first set up a foundation in 1994, it was then called the William H.Gates Foundation, which was first run by his father, who is still on the board today. In 1999, the foundation was renamed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition to Bill Gates, billionaire Waren Buffet is another donor to the foundation, whose fortune in 2018 was USD 46.8 billion.

At this point, it's also interesting to think about what a foundation is in America. A foundation must, of course, be a non-profit, but if a foundation makes profits, they may be taken out of the community and used for other purposes. To what extent this circumstance contributes to Bill Gates getting richer and richer, let's leave it to one side.

I would like to look at the father of Bill Gates Sr., who is still on the board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but who was also a board member of Planned Parenthood, a charity founded by Magret Sanger. In quotes, because this Planned Parenthood association is the world's largest abortion lobby.

Who was this Magret Sanger? After all, she put the basic idea of this organization and Bill Gates sr. was probably on the same wavelength.

Magret Sanger was an absolute racist and antithesis of democracy. She believed in the genetic superiority of a minority over the broad and under-served masses, and because of quote: "The voice of an idiot counts as much as the voice of a genius" she was also against a democracy.

Their goals were that only the geniuses should multiply, the others as little as possible, preferably not at all.

Quote: "As her birth control movement strengthened, her sympathy turned into contempt, her generosity into tyrannical control. Now she wanted to use birth control to reduce what she considered "human waste," and at the same time she wanted to strengthen others who belonged to an upper class of the population and were, in her view, more suited to domination. This superior class wanted to protect Sanger from a policy based on democratic majority decisions." Pivor of Civilization (1922)

"The philanthropists who support free pregnancy care help to place the burden on healthier and more normal sections of the population of the population, which is growing thoughtlessly and criminally. This entails - and I think the reader must agree with me on this - a fatal preponderance of 'human waste'(!). Instead of diminishing the strata that are most perishable for the future of people and the world and seeking their destruction, there is a tendency to make them grow threateningly."

Is it possible that the vaccination history from Kenya, which took place in 2013/2014 and concerned a vaccination campaign carried out by the WHO and UNICEF, fits?

Interestingly, in search of the report on google, I had to click through several pages where fact checks told me this thing had never happened

Original page of the Episcopal Conference of Kenya

Scientific report on this subject

A book about Margaret Sanger 


Quote from "Die Tagespost", an article by Stefan Rochow

"Bill Gates has long been a supporter of the theories of the British economist Thomas Robert Malthus. In his 1798 book "Essay on the Principle of Population", he speaks of the danger of overpopulation on earth. According to Malthus, this overpopulation is a problem for the world's economy and societies due to the rapidly consuming natural resources of the earth. In the meantime, Gates has moved away from this theory, but still fears overpopulation. As a result, the Gates couple announced in 2012 that they would invest 450 million dollars in the development of new contraceptive techniques. By 2018, a subcutaneous contraceptive chip is to be launched, which will carry the contraceptive ideology to Africa, Asia and Latin America with remote control and low prices. The chip is to be inserted under the skin and have a lifespan of sixteen years and prevent new life during this time.

That Gates continues to hold on to the fear of overpopulation is surprising and does not coincide with new scientific findings. Various institutes and organizations, including the United Nations, have recently rejected the thesis as untenable. Today, science increasingly assumes an implosion, which means a sharp decline in the world's population in the coming decades.

It has a family background that Bill Gates is so committed to the spread of abortion and contraceptives. His father was president of the world's largest abortion lobby, Planned Parenthood. Gates speaks of a "great social commitment" in this context. Despite these ethically questionable activities, gates regularly attend Samass. Melinda Gates is a Catholic. Asked about the apparent contradiction, Melinda Gates explained in an interview with the weekly Die Zeit: "Faith and religion are different things." On issues of "birth control" she had a different view from the Catholic Church."

Yes, good, but it vaccinates cheaply in poor countries. Here are a few examples:

Polio vaccinations in India

The oral polio vaccination programme (swallowing polio) for children between 2000 and 2017 was investigated. The results show that there was significantly increased non-polio-associated flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) in children. Over these years, 500,000 paralyzed children were "produced".

The report on this is

DPT vaccinations in Africa
DPT vaccinations (diphtheria whooping cough wound cramp) were studied in 6 to 36 months old children in Guinea-Bissau. The mortality of the children was significantly increased.

The report on this is

HPV vaccinations in India
Bill Gates is being sued. There were about 50 deaths among the vaccinated girls associated with HPV (cervical cancer) vaccinations. The vaccinated were not informed of possible consequences.

Comment on this on Epochtimes

The report on this is


And what else is behind it? Right, a digital identity, of course only for the benefit of people. Or for total monitoring, but is only a side effect

Link to ID2020

and who invented it? Also on board are Microsoft, GAVI Vaccine Alliance (Gates's favorite child), and of course the Rockefeller Foundation.


At this point, you can just pause and think about whether it is right to accept a vaccine that directly interferes with human DNA (RNA vaccination), a new genetic engineering technology that is being developed within a few months and that has never been seen in humans. And for which, of course, vaccine manufacturers do not accept liability for consequential damage.

Enough to think about



Do you see the signs of the times?


I had in my memories a text that I had written and published about 6 years ago. Yes, and it's just getting up to date again, but it's just scratching the surface.
But that had already been clear to me, but on the one hand the world was not yet ready for the whole truth and frankly I knew more than I wrote there, but not as much as today.

Do I know everything now? Probably not, but what I know is enough.

The truth is now coming to light, many people will probably be deeply disturbed. Because the veil of the cover-up was so terribly tight.

But we will all realize how much we have been manipulated, how we have been guided through the manege by our emotional nose ring. Yes, we were given emotions that were so profound that no one was interested in facts anymore. Think of the song "Only time", which got a sad celebrity through 9/11. And many other moments too. The little drowned boy on the beach, no one cared that the father only wanted to go to Germany to have his teeth made for free. And many more. They took a grain of truth, added a great exaggeration, and garnished it all with a big lie.

And we got it blown around the ears, from all sides, from all media. And it worked, people believed it, because so many reports can't be wrong, right? That the media is all in the hands of a few was and is inconceivable to many.

But don't worry, it won't take long, and everyone will know.

What's different now?

The time is ripe. There are forces working against the Deep State, that is, the Cabal. These are very influential people, but they had to work very in secret.
Because many positions in high positions were occupied by the Cabal, both in direct politics and in the secret services.

Yes, now Corona is here, the panic paralyzes the world. But it is not the virus, because from a factual point of view it is much more harmless than any flu. Throughout (at least Western)
World, people stay at home. And they don't stand in the way.

And the Cabal has no way of spreading new panic by another false flag attack

This virus seems to prepint politicians, celebrities and ceos of large companies. They then go into quarantine. Even in the Vatican, many are infested.
Well, it may be a coincidence. Or not.


Don't panic.

Developments are going on for us, for the liberation of people from the spiritual chains with which they were enslaved.

What can and should we do?

Wait, watch and enjoy the show, and gently support those who are unprepared by the truth. Because that many cannot yet pack the truth, we can assume.

All's well.


Here again the text of 22.3.2016:

I would like to start this text with a small story. It's the story of a house in the middle of England. This house is to be demolished to give way to a bypass. The owner of the house, a certain Arthur Dent, had only learned of this plan the day before and lays down in front of the yellow bulldozers to prevent them from demolishing his house. The plans were reportedly in the municipality's planning office for months.

So while our Arthur is in the mud in front of the bulldozers, a discussion arises with a certain Mr. Prossers, a member of the municipal administration who oversees the construction work.

"But the plans were out..."
»Layers off? I finally had to go down to the basement..."
"They are always hung out."
"With a flashlight."
"Well, the light was probably broken."
"The stairs too."
"But you found the announcement, haven't you?"
"Yes yes," said Arthur, "yes, I have. At the bottom of a locked filing cabinet in an unused toilet, whose door was at:
Beware Biting Leopard!"

Interestingly, the addition of several yellow spaceships at the same time on the way to Earth, which is to be torn up to make way for a hyperspace express route, makes the story even more exciting. The plans for this have also been in a planning office on Alpha Centauri for 50 years, with the possibility for the earth's inhabitants to appeal.

This story is the strongly abbreviated beginning of book triology in five volumes: "Per Anhalter durch der Galaxie" by Douglas Adams.

Why am I mentioning it here?

Because exactly the same thing is happening here. We are on the road to the New World Order, which the Cabal has been pursuing for more than a hundred years. A world ruled by a small elite, an elite that enslaves the rest of humanity.

I say "cabal" here, without going into detail.

The means to achieve this are deliberately instigated wars, the targeted falls of governments, terrorist attacks, the complete surveillance, the use of chemtrails and high-frequency waves, creeping poisoning of food (e.g. fluorine), and so on.

Are these all just conspiracy theories? Or are we finding more and more evidence?

And hasn't everything been made public in some way? Packed in feature films? Series? Videos on the Internet?

Why should the Cabal do this? Give people the opportunity to experience everything? Because they know and apply the spiritual laws. And everyone has the opportunity to see it, to recognize it. If you don't want to, if you prefer to be distracted by soaps and game broadcasts, it's your own fault, isn't it?

No one who deals with 9/11, for example, still believes in the Arab terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center by commercial aircraft. Or is it? The fact is, the buildings were unprofitable, contaminated with asbestos and shortly before that extra highly insured against terrorism. In addition, the buildings were prepared by the company "controlled demolition" in case of a disaster to explode. And to make it all perfect, that very day was an exercise by the American Air Force, which was about this very scenario. All coincidences?

The consequences of 9/11 was the war against Hussein, who was allowed to do much before without being punished internationally. What was different now? Quite simply, Hussein no longer wanted to pay the oil in dollars, which would have done a great deal of damage to the dollar exchange rate. By the way, it was possible to turn the monitoring screw even further. And what must not be forgotten, after the end of the Soviet Union, the Cold War was over and thus one could no longer justify the immense expenditure on armaments. So a new enemy, international terrorism, had to come.

We find the whole story carefully prepared in the film "Harodim", in which none other than Peter Fonda plays.

The series XIII The conspiracy tells us about secret machinations, such as chemtrails, HAARP (high frequency) systems and much more. For a long time there have been videos on the net with speculation about chemtrails, they were hardly taken seriously, but meanwhile also insiders have chatted, one sees pictures of the tanks in airplanes, it is admitted, and no one is interested yet.

There are plane crashes that are supposed to be blamed on Russia in the media to distract from Ukraine, there is no evidence of that. In the midst of the charred debris and the most evil lymisted corpses, you will find en masse undamaged passports.

Such passports are also regularly found very quickly after terrorist attacks, the terrorist himself, who has blown himself up with a bomb, hangs around at maximum in molecule size, but the passport is as press-fresh and points out that the perpetrator comes from Syria and to Islamic State. Incidentally, both in London during the attacks on the subway and in the attacks in Paris, official exercises with exactly this scenario took place on the very same morning. Strange coincidences?

That people live in a prison for their thinking, we had already nicely packaged in the movie "Matrix", hints at the power of thought already in the first three episodes of "Star Wars".

In short, there is knowledge about these mechanisms, as well as knowledge about suppressed, because non-marketable, methods of energy production and medicine.

Yes, and for all those who cannot believe that people are being let die here for the sake of power, because the victims are genuine.

Perhaps we need to understand the truth here: the elite see themselves as the people who have understood and control the system, the others are inferior creatures, slaves and slaughter cattle.

Do you find it frightening? I also, that is why we should wake up slowly.

And it's this waking-up that's happening right now


Everything you need to know about Trump!


(The cat picture should only make sure that I have your attention)

The timing is right! So that everyone understands what Donald Trump is doing, as well as removing the ambiguities and deciphering how he does it. The controversial president has a much clearer agenda than you can imagine in both foreign policy and domestic affairs, but since he has to stay in power or even stay alive to achieve his goals, his strategy is so sophisticated. and subtle that hardly anyone can see them. His overall goal is so ambitious that he must follow random elliptical courses to get from point A to point B, using patterns that gnaw at the ordinary understanding of man. This includes most independent journalists and so-called alternative analysts, as well as the Western mainstream fake news publishers and a large majority of the population.

Through his strategy, I could make a quick and accurate analogy to drugs: most pills are designed to solve a problem, but have a number of secondary after-effects. Well, Trump uses drugs only for its aftermath, while the first intention of the pill is to keep him in power and alive. At the end of this article, you will see that this metaphor applies to almost every decision, movement, or statement he has made. Once you understand what Trump is all about, you will appreciate the extraordinary presidency he leads, as well as the fact that no predecessor has ever been able to match.

To begin by clarifying the one aspect of his mission that is straightforward and terribly direct: he is the first and only American president to ever make humanity's worst collective mistake, its utter ignorance of reality, has addressed it. Since the media and education are both controlled by the handful of billionaires who rule the planet, we know nothing about our history, which was twisted by the winners, and we have no idea about our world today. As he entered the political arena, Donald popularized the phrase "fake news" to convince American citizens and the world's population that the media was always lying to you. The expression has become commonplace, but do you realize how deeply shocking is the fact that almost everything you think you know is completely fake? Media lies not only cover history and politics, but have also shaped your misperceptions on issues such as the economy, nutrition, climate, health, and everything else. What if I told you that we know exactly who shot JFK from the grassdome? That the American government of Pearl Harbor knew and proved this in court? That the CO2 greenhouse effect is scientifically absurd? That our money is created by loans from banks that do not even have the funds? That science proves with 100% certainty that 911 was an inside job? Ever heard of a mainstream journalist, PBS documentary or university lecturer telling you about it? Forty-four presidents came and went without even saying a word about this huge problem before the 45th came. Trump knows that freeing people from this unfathomable ignorance is the first step toward universal freedom, so he began to call mainstream journalists and their news agencies for what they are: pathological liars.

"Thousands of psychiatrists agree with Woodward and the New York Times Op-Ed author. Trump is dangerous."

- Bandy X. Lee, The Conversation 2018

"The question is not whether the president is crazy, but whether he's crazy like a fox, or crazy as if he's banged up."

- Masha Gessen, The New Yorker 2017

Let's be clear: From an establishment point of view, Trump is not smart enough to challenge them, but he is definitely seen as a possible enemy of their world. Since moving to the White House, Trump has been portrayed as a narcissist, racist, sexist, and climate sceptic, packed with dark stories from the past and mental problems. Although about 60% of the American population no longer trusts the media, many have bought the story that Trump is a little crazy or incapable of governing. This statistic increases even higher when you get out of the US. Of course, Donald does nothing special to change the deeply negative perception that so many journalists and people have about him. He is openly outrageous and provocative on Twitter, he sounds mostly impulsive yet mute, acts irrationally, lies daily and throws out sanctions and threats as if they were candy from an elf's side pocket in a shopping mall in December. Immediately, we can destroy a stubborn media myth: the image Trump projects is self-destructive, and the exact opposite of how pathological narcissists behave as they thrive to be loved and admired by all. Donald just doesn't care if you like him or not. Which in turn makes him the ultimate anti-narcissist, through his psychological definition. And that is not even a question of opinion, it is a very simple and undeniable fact.

Trump and the Swamp

His overall plan follows one of his favorite mottos: "We will give back power to the people," because the United States and its imperialist network woven over the world have been in the hands of a few globalists for more than a century. bankers, military industrialists and multinationals. To realize his plan, he must end wars abroad, bring back children, dismantle NATO and the CIA, gain control of the Federal Reserve, cut off any ties with foreign allies, eliminate the fast-track financial system, Destroy the propaganda power of the media, drain the swamp of the deep state that leads the spy agencies and disable the shadow government lurking in the Council on Foreign Relations and in the offices of the Trilateral Commission. In short, it must destroy the New World Order and its globalist ideology. The task is huge and dangerous, to put it mildly. Fortunately, he is not alone.

Before we deal with his techniques and tactics, we need to know a little more about what really happened in the world.

Powerful Russia

Since Peter the Great, the whole history of Russia has been a constant proof of the will to preserve its political and economic independence from international banks and imperialism. This is pushing this great nation to help many smaller countries fighting for their own independence. Twice Russia helped the United States against the British/Rothschild Empire. First through his open support in the War of Independence and again in the Civil War, when Rothschilds funded the Confederates to politically destroy the nation and bring it back to the stables of the British Colonial Empire. Russia also destroyed Napoleon and the Nazis, both financed by international banks to destroy economically independent nations. Independence lies in their DNA. After nearly a decade of Western oligarchy, which took over the Russian economy after the fall of the USSR in 1991, Putin came to power and drained the Russian swamp. Since then, every step he has taken has been aimed at destroying the American Empire, or the company that "replaced" the British Empire in 1944, known as the New World Order. The new empire is basically the same central bank system with just a slightly different group of owners who have exchanged the British army for NATO, just like their world Gestapo.

Until Trump emerged, Putin fought one-handedly against the New World Order, whose centuries-old obsession is control of the world oil market. The oil is the blood that flows through the veins of the world economy, and is a thousand times more valuable than gold. Cargo ships, planes and armies do not run on batteries. To counter the globalists, Putin therefore developed the best offensive and defensive missile systems, so that Russia can now protect any independent oil producer such as Syria, Venezuela, and Iran. Central bankers and the US shadow government are still sticking to their plan, because without a victory in Syria, there is no expanding Israel, and thus the centuries-old fantasy of uniting oil production in the Middle East in the hands of the New World Order. Ask Lord Balfour if you have any doubts. This is the true use of the Syrian war, it is nothing more than doing or dying.

Syrian-Russian victory.

A century of lies

Now that a shadow government on behalf of banks and industries is issuing direct orders to the CIA and NATO, Trump has no control over the military. The deep state is a rosary of permanent officials who govern Washington and the Pentagon and who respond only to "their" orders. If you still believe that the "commander-in-chief" is in charge, explain why every time Trump ordered him to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan, more troops came in? As I write this text, US and NATO forces withdrew from the Kurdish areas, went to Iraq, and returned with heavier equipment around Syria's oil reserves. Donald has a lot more swamp drainage in front of him before the Pentagon actually listens to everything he says. Trump should be outraged and loudly denounce that the military command doesn't care what he thinks, but that would ignite unimaginable chaos and perhaps even a civil war in the US. If the citizens, who own about 393 million weapons at home, were to learn that private interests are responsible for the military, not the president. It would also lead to a very simple but dramatic question: 'What exactly is the purpose of democracy?' These weapons are the titanium fences that protect the population from a totalitarian Big Brother.

It is important to see how much effort the US Army and the spy agencies have been making for more than a century in the creation of operations under the false flag, so that their interventions in the name of democracy promotion, human rights and justice are based on always looked righteous to the whole world. They blew up the Ship of Maine in 1898 to enter the Hispanic-American War. The Lusitania 1915 to enter the First World War. They urged Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, knew about the attack 10 days in advance, and said nothing about the Hawaiian base. They launched a North Vietnamese torpedo attack on their ships in Tonkin Bay to justify sending "boots" to Vietnamese soil. They invented a story about Iraqi soldiers who destroyed kindergartens in 1991 to invade Kuwait. They invented weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq again in 2003. AND organized 911 to break the constitution of 1789, attack Afghanistan, and start a war on terror. This completely fake mask of virtue must be preserved in order to control the opinion of American citizens and their domestic arsenal, who must believe that they are wearing the white cowboy hats of democracy.

US President GEORGE BUSH makes a point during a speech to the army forces in TEXAS. How did Trump react when he learned that American troops would invade Syria again? He repeated repeatedly in every interview and statement that "we have secured the oil fields of Syria," even adding, "I'm thinking about sending Exxon to the region to take care of Syrian oil." Neoconservatives, Zionists, and banks have been enthusiastic, but everyone else is outraged, because the vast majority don't understand that Trump is swallowing this pill just because of its aftermath. This single bottle says in the fine print that "the use of this drug could drive American and NATO troops out of Syria under pressure from the united world community and the stunned American people." Trump made the situation untenable for NATO to stay in Syria, and how he repeats this deeply shocking, politically incorrect position clearly shows his true intent. He destroyed more than a century of fake virtue in a single sentence.

Trump is a historical anomaly.

Trump is only the fourth president in U.S. history to actually fight for the people, unlike all 41 others who have mainly fed people's money into a pipeline of dollars that ended up in private banks. First there was Andrew Jackson, who was shot dead after destroying the second bank he had openly accused of being controlled by Rothschild and the City of London. Then there was Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated after printing his "greenbacks," national money the state had spent to pay the soldiers because Lincoln had refused to borrow money from Rothschild at 24% interest. Then there was JFK, who was killed for a dozen reasons, most of them against the profits of the banks and the military industry. And now comes Donald Trump shouting that he would "give America back to the people."

Like most businessmen, Trump hates banks for the enormous power they have over the economy. Just take a look at Henry Ford's only book, "The International Jew," to find out how deep his distrust and hatred of international banks was. Trump's businesses have suffered a lot because these institutions that basically only sell an umbrella to take it from you as soon as it rains. The control of private banking over money creation and interest rates by each central bank of almost every country is a permanent power over nations, far beyond the limited cycle of politicians. In 2000, these looters were just steps away from their planetary totalitarian dream, but a few details stood still: Vladimir Putin and 393 million American weapons. Then came the orange Donald, the last piece in the puzzle that the people needed to end 250 years of the banking empire.

Techniques and tactics

At the beginning of his mandate, Trump naively sought the direct approach by surrounding himself with establishment rebels like Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon, then angering each of his foreign allies, shredding their free-trade agreements, raising import taxes, and taking them to the united states. G7 meetings in 2017 and 2018. The reaction was fierce and doubled in view of Russian absurdity, as it looked like the only option to stop the man on his path of destroying globalism. Predictably, the direct approach went nowhere; Flynn and Bannon had to leave, and Trump was embroiled in a handful of requests that made him realize that he would achieve nothing with transparency. He had to find a way to destroy the most dangerous people on the planet, but at the same time to stay in power and alive. He had to clean up.

Then his genius exploded in this world. He completely changed his strategy and approach and began to make absurd decisions and tweet outrageous statements. As menacing and dangerous as some of them looked, Trump did not use them for their first-degree meaning, but aimed at the real effects of the second-degree effect that his action would bring. And he didn't care what people thought about him, why he did it, because in the end, only the result counts. He would even play the joke on Twitter. Naive, crazy or downright idiotic. Perhaps in the hope of weakening the belief that he did not know what he was doing and that he might not be so dangerous. He is deliberately politically wrong to show the ugly face that the United States is hiding behind its mask.

Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi

The first test of his new approach was to stop the growing threat of an attack and invasion of North Korea by NATO. Trump insulted Kim Jung-Un on Twitter, called him Rocket Man and threatened to nuclearte North Korea. His furious political falsehood lasted weeks until it was on everyone's mouth. Until this was no longer a good reason to attack a country. He paralyzed NATO. Trump then met Rocket Man and they walked through the park with the start of a nice friendship and laughed together, while they achieved absolutely nothing in their negotiations, as they have nothing to negotiate. Many talked about the Nobel Peace Prize because many do not know that it is usually passed on to war criminals like Obama or Kissinger.

Then came Venezuela. Trump pushed his tactics a step further to ensure that no one could support an attack on the free country. He has the worst neo-frauds there are on the case: Elliott Abrams, formerly convicted of conspiracy in the Iran-Contras affair in the 1980s, and John Bolton, famous first-degree warmonger. Trump then confirmed Juan Guaido as his pick for president of Venezuela. an empty puppet that is so stupid not even to understand how much it is being used. Again, Trump threatened to burn the country to rubble, while the world community watched in awe the complete lack of subtlety and diplomacy in Trump's behavior. With the result that Brazil and Colombia withdrew and said they did not want anything to do with an attack on Venezuela. Trump's medicine left only 40 satellite countries worldwide, with the president and prime minister braindead enough to shy lyrism Guaido' foolishness. Donald put a hook next to Venezuela on his list and scrolled further down.

Then the two gifts came to Israel: Jerusalem as the capital and the Syrian Golan Heights as their firm possessions. Netanyahu, who is not the sharpest pencil in the box, jumped with joy and everyone shouted that Trump was a Zionist. The real consequence was that the entire Middle East united against Israel, which no one could support any more. Even her historical accomplice, Saudi Arabia, had to openly reject this huge blow to Islam. The two Trump gifts were indeed back-downs in the state of Israel, whose future does not look too rosy today, as NATO has to withdraw from the region. Check again.

When reality arrives.

But there's more! With his lack of control over NATO and the army, Trump is very limited in his actions. At first glance, the excellent multiplication of economic sanctions against countries such as Russia, Turkey, China, Iran, Venezuela, and other nations looks harsh and merciless, but the reality of these sanctions has made these countries out of the Swift financial system. which aims to enslave nations through dollar hegemony, and they all slip out of the grip of international banks. It forced Russia, China, and India to create an alternative system of trade relations based on national currencies instead of the almighty dollar. The bipolar reality of the world is now official, and with his impending sanctions looming, Trump will push more countries out of the Swift system to join the other side as major banks in Europe begin to fall.

Even in the political hurricane Trump, he still finds time to show his almost childish, arrogant humor. Look at his grandiose mockery of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as he sat down with the most straightforward generals he could find to take a photo in a so-called "situation room" as they watched on screen, like the death of Al. Baghdadi is feigned somewhere he could not be, just as his criminal predecessors did a long time ago with the fake Bin Laden death. He even urged the farce to add the details of a dog who recognizes Daesh's fake caliphs by sniffing his underwear. Now that you understand what Trump is really about, you'll also appreciate the show in all its glory and true meaning.

"We have secured Syria's oil fields," he said. Indeed, with this short sentence, Trump combined his voice with that of General Smedley Butler, who shook the world 80 years ago with a tiny book called "War is a racket." The looting and theft of oil is definitely not as virtuous as promoting democracy and justice. What amazes me are the numerous "alternative" journalists and analysts who are aware of every technical problem regarding 9/11 or the scientific reality about the absurd history of global warming, but still have no idea what so. what Trump is doing after three years in office. And that's just because the mainstream media has bought, which has convinced everyone that Trump is mentally challenged.

For those who still have doubts about Trump's agenda. Do you really believe that the apparent implosion of American imperialism over the planet is a coincidence? Do you still believe that because of russian influence on the 2016 election, the CIA, the FBI, all the media, the US Congress, the Federal Reserve, the Democratic Party and the belligerent half of the Republicans are working against him and even working against him. try to indict him? Like most things that come out of the media, reality is the exact opposite of what you're told: Trump could be the most dedicated man who's ever set foot in the Oval Office. And certainly the most ambitious and politically incorrect.


The world will change drastically between 2020 and 2024. Trump's second term coincides with Putin's last term as president of Russia. There can never be such a coincidence again for a long time and both know that it is now or maybe never. Together, they must end NATO, the Swift system and let the European Union collapse. Terrorism and anthropogenic global warming will jump into the vortex and disappear with their creators. Trump needs to drain the swamp in the CIA and the Pentagon, and he needs to nationalize the Federal Reserve. Along with Xi and Modi, they could put a final end to private banking in public affairs by refusing to pay a single penny of their debt and resetting the global economy by switching to national currencies that are produced by governments, as private banks will fall like dominoes, without Obama-like servants who bail them out at their expense. Once this has happened, unbearable peace and prosperity could roam the planet, as our taxes on the development of our countries, rather than useless military equipment, interest on loans from bankers who never had the money, will be lost.

If you still don't understand Donald Trump after reading what's said above, you're hopelessly lost. Or you might be Merkel, Macron, Guaido, or another useful idiot, unaware that the carpet under your feet has already slipped away.

(Found in the Net the author is not known to me and the text has already been written some time ago)

What is happening shows that everything is on the right track.

Thoughts of an unnecessary panic


When I look at what is happening in the world at the moment, I can only shake my head.

We are told that there is now a new virus and that there is a panic leading to serious restrictions. Travel is restricted, the global economy is severely affected, events are cancelled and the most serious is hamster purchases. Everyone can see what's going on around us, I don't need to say much.

Before I come to the subject, I will first put forward a few basic considerations so that it becomes more understandable what I am talking about.

I know that every disease has its causes in the mental-spiritual, no one gets sick who does not have the willingness to do so. And this applies to both colds, cancer, and all other diseases including Corona. Even accidents do not happen by chance, but this issue goes too far for this text.

Let us stick to the "normal" diseases. As long as medicine ignores the power of thought, its methods will have serious gaps and some explanatory models will be unusable. Unusable means here, of course, in the sense of healing, not in order to keep a for-profit health system functioning.

Now I don't want to go that far and say there are no viruses, I just doubt it. In addition, I have recently published a few texts dealing with the origins of this research, which make some of the famous researchers seem very implausible.

But let us come to the real issue, the panic and what information is so disseminated.

The virus is said to belong to the group of Corona viruses and is said to have been transmitted from an animal to a human in Wuhan China for the first time. It should be noted that Wuhan, with a population of over 11 million, is not exactly small, it is the capital of Hubei province, which has over 58 million inhabitants.

What else do we know about Wuhan? According to the information, the city is completely sealed off, several thousand infected and one of the press reports of more than 200 dead. Other messages say it is much worse and the information is censored.

Ok, I've never been to China, but I know that there are different conditions there than here. In many cases, food is sold openly on the street on tables, many people in a confined space and so on.

Let us come to the next focal point, Italy. Official figures indicate 4636 people have been infected and 197 dead, as of 2.3.2020. Yes, that sounds exact, doesn't it?

And in Germany? According to the current information, there are 684 infected persons and one patient is currently in danger of death. But what kind of patient is this? It is a man who prepares for an organ transplant and whose immune system is suppressed with drugs so that there are no problems with the new organ. Ok, in such a situation even a simple sniffing is dangerous, because the body can't do anything about it.

What does all this tell us? If you read not only the tearful headlines, but the whole articles, you sometimes find the hint that the dead were elderly or already weakened patients.

Let us ask how safe this test is, then it turns out that it is not as safe as they say. So a positive test does not mean that the patient has come into contact with the virus. After all, you only test for antibodies, as in (almost?) all virus tests. ("almost" because I don't know of any test that provides direct proof, but maybe I don't know everything). Because you cannot see viruses, as Dr. Lanka has already described several times, the procedure is not necessarily scientifically correct.

Let's sum up:

There are waves of colds and flu every year, and people die every year. Compared to other flu waves, the numbers at Corona are still negligible.

All the statistics are questionable in that they do not look at the individual patient. Are they elderly and weaker patients? It should be borne in mind that the general mortality rate in humans is 100%, at some point this incarnation is over for everyone.

Let me see what is written in professional circles. I mean the information that does not go through the general press. That doctors and pharmacists feel left alone, that there are no materials or support.

Someone from a medical profession reports that she was in Italy, in a high-risk area, now has a fever and so on, and calls the health department what to do. They tell her to go to the doctor, she called the doctor, she was referred by one doctor to another because there are no test strips, but no one comes up with the idea that the potential patient would have to be isolated.

There are now two possible explanations:

Either those in charge of the offices have absolutely no idea and are overwhelmed, or they know that it is all just scaremongering.

And it is precisely this panic that is the real problem.

We know of the placebo effect, in which the patient reacts positively to a drug or treatment, even though he does not receive an active ingredient. And this also with all the side effects that the patient believes in.

But there is also the Nocebo effect, which works the other way around. The patient comes into contact with something harmless, but believes it is dangerous and reacts as if he had actually received a dangerous substance.

It is easy to understand that fear and stress suppress our immune system. Because the natural reaction is escape and for that you need physical performance. The digestive system is switched off as well as the immune system and even thinking is restricted, as it is only a matter of getting yourself to safety.

Everyone can see what this panic is doing in public life.

The question is, what is the point? What else is happening in the world where we shouldn't look?

It is not a question of turning on a vaccination, as in the case of pig, chicken, bird and hamster flu, or as they were all called. Because they have nothing to turn on.

Nor is it a question of a secret laboratory in Wuhan accidentally being used for biological warfare agents, then the consequences would be more serious.

Well, everyone may think for themselves, I have such ideas, but they are not ready to be said.

It is important to: