The Importance of Gratitude


It is said time and again that gratitude is very important. Why is this so? Because the other is happy when you acknowledge something he has done for you? Yes, too, maybe.

Much more important, however, is gratitude for you.

Do you really think that your conscious thinking creates your reality?

Just as a reminder, we think 2000 bits/second consciously, unconsciously it's 400,000,000,000/second.

Your subconscious is your best friend, he thinks like a little child, he just wants to help.

And if you are grateful for something, you show your subconscious that it is important to you, and it will make you get more of it in your life.
Of course, this does not only apply to material things, but also non-material things can be a great help for you.

And then if you give something that is important to you, then you increase it even more. Because your subconscious then realizes how important it is.
Because greed is not great, greed is on a mental and spiritual level so stupid with what you can do.

There is also gratitude for the acceptance of the given, because something cannot accept makes both poorer, because joy is withheld.

Think about it.

You shall not steal


This is the seventh commandment from the Bible, and it is not for nothing that thieves are despised everywhere. Yes, and (almost) everyone will distance themselves from it,
because you don't steal. But has this really been understood? What does stealing mean?

Stealing means taking something that belongs to another. Of course, we first think of money, jewellery, cars, clothes and someone else's house and yard.
The legal situation of the people is clearly regulated, whoever takes such a thing illegally will be punished, of course only if he can be caught.
Whether one can simply escape the moral consequences of what you do is the other thing, because karma takes place on another level.

But theft also takes place on other levels. How often do customers go to a specialist store, can be advised in detail in order to buy the cheapest offer on the
Internet with the newly acquired knowledge. Here the specialist salesman is deceived for his success, he is robbed. Anyone who does not pay the appropriate
price for a commodity robs someone, but also anyone who sells their goods overpriced robs someone. Of course, every employer also robs his workers if he
does not pay them a fair wage, but also every worker who turns blue robs his employer.

And what applies to goods also applies to services. No one would come up with the idea to pay the baker only the price of the flour and the yeast if he gets delicious buns.

If someone goes to a tax advisor or lawyer, it is also self-evident that they get money for their advice.

Why should people who help you make your life better do it all for free? Has these people fallen from heaven or given their consciousness and knowledge from heaven,
or have they worked for them with their own work?

We see that stealing is so widespread that we hardly notice it anymore.

You can think about it.

Hurrah, we are getting stupid


I would like to apologise for this provocation in the title, but I need it for your attention.

But how do I come to this statement?

As the Internet came up and more and more information became available, there was often a great deal of euphoria. As a result of the fact that more and more information
was available to most people, it was assumed that nothing could take place in secret and that every truth would come to light.

And that's not what happened. The question is "why?"

Because many of the amount of information is simply slain, they just consume the headlines and move on to the next topic.
Own thinking is replaced by the fact that it is not the truth or depth of the statements that is decisive, but only the number of repetitions.
And because it's all so exhausting to record new information, many then flee into shallow TV shows. You don't have to think about it.

I'm going to reveal a secret here: your own thinking skills and intelligence need just as much a workout as a muscle. If a muscle is not stressed,
it reproduces, it atrophies. Anyone who has broken a leg can confirm it. When the plaster is off, a spindle-thirsty something comes to light,
which was once a well-formed leg.

And if your own brain is not used, then the ability to think decreases.

It has also been said in the past that learning capacity would decrease with age, but it has long been proven that this is not the case. The ability to learn decreases only if
when you stop learning. Unless you believe that intellectual abilities decrease with age, then this must necessarily be done.

These statements do not only relate to the mind, but also to our feelings and thus our emotional intelligence decreases when we do not use them.

How to get out of the number? Through thinking.

And focus on what's really occupying you. Take what is important to you and question, go deep.
Gather information about whether it is true and if so why. Go into depth, not width.


Become like the children. They always ask "Why"

You can you think about it

The climate hype, taken in a different way


When we talk about the climate issue, a young woman, Greta Thunberg, is definitely at the centre of the discussions. On the one hand, it is celebrated because the youth finally wants to change something, on the other hand it is totally hostile because it has let itself be stretched in front of a cart as a driving horse, the direction of which many consider to be wrong.

Who or what is Greta Thunberg? On the one hand, she is a highly motivated young woman who, because of her coinage, represents "her" cause with all her energy. On the other hand, at the age of 16, she is still a child, in the midst of the process of growing up. She has also been diagnosed with Asberger syndrome, which is manifested by sensory and neurological disorders in the field of communication, but also often promotes island talent. Just think of the absolutely brilliant Vera Birkenbihl.

Can we remember how we were when we were 16? We, too, thought we knew everything, wanted to change the world, were full of energy. By now we know that at this age only the mind is trained, this begins with the beginning of puberty, before children only absorb all information as in hypnosis. And then we are welcome to ask what kind of system our children are being shaped into. You get to know a lot of information, that's probably true. But they only learn this information, so they learn what to think and not how to think. What they should not learn under any circumstances is to question things.

When I look back in this way, I remember my topic, on which I had focused on the Abi examination in the field of history. It was about the development to the Third Reich, i.e. about the rise and the grab of the makers by Hitler and thus the NSDAP. How naive i was at that time to painstakingly chew what I had been taught in history lessons. With my knowledge today, I could give tens of times as much information about me, if I had already presented this knowledge at that time, a stoning would probably have been the least evil I could have expected.

Or take physics to stick to the subject of climate. The greenhouse effect has been taught and presented as irrefutable knowledge since time immemorial, although it was refuted by Professor Robert W. Wood in 1909. We are told that the warming within the greenhouse is caused by the fact that the interior of the greenhouse is heated by invading solar radiation, and that this radiation is then radiated again at a different frequency and then returned from the glass walls of the greenhouse. reflected into the interior. This then leads to further warming. Sounds logical, but it's wrong.

The laws of thermodynamics state that heat can be transmitted either by radiation, by direct contact and by convection. This can be noticed with the radiation itself with each ray of the sun, and also with the touch, because if I get on a hot stove top, then we realize quite quickly that heat is transmitted here. We see the convection on our radiators, because the air circulates past them and heats up, making the air in the room warmer. This Professor Wood has now carried out experiments with a wide variety of materials, proving that warming in the greenhouse is only caused by the heat irradiated not escape. The greenhouse effect thus occurs only in a closed system, into which radiation can occur, but no heat can escape through the air. In the meantime, a detailed description of his experiments can also be found on the Internet, so that everyone can understand them for themselves.

But in addition to the information that is conveyed, there is another effect that is infused into the children, and this is the fear. Whereas in the 1960s it was still the nonsensical atomic bomb protection measure, today it is the exercises concerning amok runners. Always true to the motto: "Get in a corner and wait helplessly for your death". Fear and helplessness are presented as an indispensable part of life. So this is the spiritual background in which young people grow up.

So who is Greta? An infinite soul, misguided and thus the tool of a campaign that does not aim to save humanity from destruction.

Now smart businessmen like Mr. Rentzhog come up with the idea of marketing this climate thing very big and making Greta a kind of superstar of the climate. As a result, there is a huge division through the population. On the one hand, those who like it all and on the other hand those who are a bad game and are against it.

In any case, we can state that a 16-year-old should not be the one who should get away with our frustration caused by the situation. To pillory a child, and on the one hand, it is still very pathetic.

But how do we deal with the situation? When you criticize this campaign, you are vilified as a right-wing conspiracy theorist, and as soon as you come up with real arguments, the only question that comes from the people infected by the campaign is: "What are we supposed to do, just like that. next?".

No, of course not just on. Act, but right.

I am thinking of a quotation from the Bible:

"By their fruits you shall know them." Matthew 7:20.

What do we want to sell and, above all, what conclusions do we draw here?

We are told that we have climate change caused by man and CO2 as a greenhouse gas is the greatest evil.
Last but not least, we have ever-increasing pollution.

One can confidently observe that Greta, and with her the entire generation, was shaped in a climate of furch and fear, feelings that prevent any truly logical thinking and make those affected vulnerable to anything that promises them help.

Yes, we have seen climate change, seriously within the changing seasons, but also in the long term. But this is quite normal and man, despite all efforts, cannot do anything about it or do anything about it. Warmer times have always alternated with colder times. I am thinking only of the 1970s, when the next ice age was predicted, it was not so long ago.

Back in 1958, NASA published a report in which changes in weather conditions due to changes in solar orbit are completely natural and normal, but they have completely withdrawn from public discussion. As recently as 2000, they published reports related to the Milankowitch theory, which clearly states that the weather changes due to external factors that have absolutely nothing to do with what people do on this planet. But this information is also hidden in the mainstream.

Instead, the evil CO2 must be maintained.

To illustrate, CO2 is only 0.038 percent in the air, and nature produces 96 percent of that.
Humans therefore cause 4% of this, which makes an effective influence of 0.00152%.

CO2 is heavier than air, so always below, and not in an ozone layer. And CO2 is needed by the plants as breathing air, which absorbs carbon and release oxygen for it. Which causes the CO2 to be re-divided into its components carbon and oxygen.

And the more CO2 in the air, the better the plants grow, which is why the content is artificially increased in some of the greenhouses so that the plants grow better.

Yes, but ... I hear right away.

Yet 97% of all scientists agree that CO2 is the cause of all the world's ills, right?

Well, a questionnaire with only two questions was sent to 1700 scientists, most of them did not evaluate the second question at all. And of these, about 70 were selected and declared experts. That's not how you make statistics.

The fact that scientists who are now taking really serious action against this hype are not really being reported.

But let us take a look at what measures are to be taken to prevent the impending end of the world in a few years' time.

The most important thing is taxes, a lot of taxes. On CO2. After all, which politician doesn't like being able to tax the breathing air?

Then there is electromobility. The cars rush silently past us without any emissions, if that is not climate-friendly, what is it then?

But the electricity comes from power plants, mainly from coal-fired power plants and a few foreign nuclear reactors, and the share of climate-neutral energy we generate is negligible. It should be clear that combustion cannot be filtered in these power plants in the same way as combustion engines do. The fact that we are cutting down huge forests so that we can get to coal is also very environmentally friendly. Well, and first of all, the effort that is being put into winning lithium in Chile. Whole areas are being dried up, but that is a long way off. And the few children who come to our lives in Congo while digging for cobalt with their bare hands are not worth talking about, arethey? It's both far away. And the importance of every electric car carrying the weight of 4-7 adults in the form of batteries is not so important. And that the batteries will be the worst hazardous waste in a few years, that is something that can still be taken care of when the time comes.

Do you notice what?

On the one hand, this is a question of depriving citizens of even more money, and on the other hand, they are being forced into ever-increasing consumption.

The ubiquitous magic word is "economic growth." So that it continues.

But that's exactly how it goes down the creek. Unstoppable.

Economic growth is built on consumers, people who can be swept up in ever-faster succession.

And that's where every single one is in demand. Just buy what you really need and insist that you get durable products. What is the use of a product that consumes less energy but requires as much energy in production as the old product has been in many years?

Yes, but if we consume less, will jobs also fall?

That is true, and that is a good thing.

If we look at it carefully, we will pay between 70 and 80% of our earnings in taxes and social security contributions to the state. If these levies were lower, we would need to work much less at the same standard of living.

Technology is advancing, and many jobs are now being done by machines. But instead of using it that everyone has to work less, production and consumption is far beyond normal demand. And what cannot be sold quickly is destroyed rather than sold cheaper. Brand new goods for the ton.

A sick world, driven by a few large corporations and even fewer high earners.

We all have it in our hands and can change it.

Become conscious and join in.


The clear direction


For a clear direction in life, one needs a clear alignment of the mind.

What do I not want ?
What do I want instead?
How does it feel to have this in my life NOW and to live?

At point three I hear again and again .. this is self-deception

No, it's not

We go with the feeling that we have in the present in resonance with the field, which makes our future visible to us.

Neither the brain, neither the subconscious, nor the body are able to recognize what is true, what we pretend to this ..........

Ask yourself ..

What are you?

If you think you're deceiving yourself, you identify with your "I"... what is not true, I'm called .... I am born on .......
I am single, married, divorced, single ....... I have the job or not .......

You don't identify with what you really are !!!!!.

and THAT is the self-deception you are going to do and THAT persistently !

You send your thoughts and feelings into the matrix.

Matrix lat. = "uterus".

As always, you can reflect on it;
simply stick to your identification as it is.

Just don't tell you that you're deceiving yourself if you think your thoughts are already there in the womb and born out of it if you live it NOW, because you're proving yourself all day,
just often in the direction that you don't want.


(Text Sigrid)