The clear direction


For a clear direction in life, one needs a clear alignment of the mind.

What do I not want ?
What do I want instead?
How does it feel to have this in my life NOW and to live?

At point three I hear again and again .. this is self-deception

No, it's not

We go with the feeling that we have in the present in resonance with the field, which makes our future visible to us.

Neither the brain, neither the subconscious, nor the body are able to recognize what is true, what we pretend to this ..........

Ask yourself ..

What are you?

If you think you're deceiving yourself, you identify with your "I"... what is not true, I'm called .... I am born on .......
I am single, married, divorced, single ....... I have the job or not .......

You don't identify with what you really are !!!!!.

and THAT is the self-deception you are going to do and THAT persistently !

You send your thoughts and feelings into the matrix.

Matrix lat. = "uterus".

As always, you can reflect on it;
simply stick to your identification as it is.

Just don't tell you that you're deceiving yourself if you think your thoughts are already there in the womb and born out of it if you live it NOW, because you're proving yourself all day,
just often in the direction that you don't want.


(Text Sigrid)