Hurrah, we are getting stupid


I would like to apologise for this provocation in the title, but I need it for your attention.

But how do I come to this statement?

As the Internet came up and more and more information became available, there was often a great deal of euphoria. As a result of the fact that more and more information
was available to most people, it was assumed that nothing could take place in secret and that every truth would come to light.

And that's not what happened. The question is "why?"

Because many of the amount of information is simply slain, they just consume the headlines and move on to the next topic.
Own thinking is replaced by the fact that it is not the truth or depth of the statements that is decisive, but only the number of repetitions.
And because it's all so exhausting to record new information, many then flee into shallow TV shows. You don't have to think about it.

I'm going to reveal a secret here: your own thinking skills and intelligence need just as much a workout as a muscle. If a muscle is not stressed,
it reproduces, it atrophies. Anyone who has broken a leg can confirm it. When the plaster is off, a spindle-thirsty something comes to light,
which was once a well-formed leg.

And if your own brain is not used, then the ability to think decreases.

It has also been said in the past that learning capacity would decrease with age, but it has long been proven that this is not the case. The ability to learn decreases only if
when you stop learning. Unless you believe that intellectual abilities decrease with age, then this must necessarily be done.

These statements do not only relate to the mind, but also to our feelings and thus our emotional intelligence decreases when we do not use them.

How to get out of the number? Through thinking.

And focus on what's really occupying you. Take what is important to you and question, go deep.
Gather information about whether it is true and if so why. Go into depth, not width.


Become like the children. They always ask "Why"

You can you think about it