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Now almost 6 years have passed since the first edition of this book was published and it would be sad if nothing had changed for me. Of course, the spiritual laws according to which life runs and which have been known for centuries or even millennia have not changed and continue to apply, but my understanding of how to communicate them and thus make them easier to understand has simply increased. Because I have also experienced more and more people and their questions about it.

Somehow, I have the impression that the momentum that came up with "the secret" has lost its vitality in many cases. People still read it, but hardly anyone talks about it anymore. This also applies to many books that also deal with the subject. Of course, I don't want to exclude the possibility that I just don't notice it anymore because my focus is on other levels. And energy follows attention, as is well known.

"Most of humanity lives in the outer world, few have found the inner world, and yet the inner world is the one that creates the outer world in the first place, it is therefore creative and everything you find in your outer world was created in your inner world."

Masterkey System 1:35

This clearly means that everything we find in the external world is our own creation and if we don't like it, this creation, then we can change it.

We are crammed from childhood with regulations, with knowledge, but above all with commandments and prohibitions. This completely obscures what wonderful beings we are.

I know from many people that they are also in search of the ultimate truth, many searchingly go their ways, and in many cases simply give up. As a quintessence of the many things, I have dealt with, I have written this book - to help one or the other reader, so that everyone understands why it is actually quite simple and where the difficulties lie.

I have realized that all knowledge, all systems, have a common basis, and this I want to make clear. All knowledge, all systems, can be traced back to simple truths. And whoever understands this can lead his life in the desired direction.

Some statements are discussed several times in this book from a different point of view, this is not an oversight, but it serves to form an awareness of these facts.

In this new one, some things are changed, and some texts have been replaced by better ones and some chapters are completely new.

At this point, as is usual for a good preface, I would like to thank all the people who have helped me to develop my view of things. Nothing in life happens by chance; everything has its meaning and its necessity. I thank all the people who have touched my soul and there were many of them. And I would also like to thank you, you who are now holding this book in your hands. May it help you to attract love, happiness, contentment and prosperity into your life.

I want everyone who picks up this book to record a great gain, for themselves, for their lives, and for the lives of the people they love.