Masterkey System and Mind Clearing

I once had the interesting question how Mind Clearing is compatible with the Masterkey System of Charles Haanel, where the differences are and where the similarities are.
and where there are similarities.

Let me put it this way, Mind Clearing is the logical implementation of the Masterkey System. The basis of everything are the 7 Hermetic Principles,
which were written down ages ago and which can be found everywhere, in direct or indirect form.

In both cases it is about the fact that we create our reality by our thinking in the first place.
And with it also our unpleasant life circumstances including all illnesses.

Charles Haanel had written the FMD in 1912 as a course of instruction and he gave his students a new lesson every week,
to learn right thinking. His point here was to replace non-serving thinking with serving thinking, to deprive non-serving thinking of nourishment,
so that it withers and plant new seeds. His exercises are about mind control and visualization.

It is about imprinting new thought patterns on the unconscious mind.

Mind Clearing follows the same path, only it incorporates the knowledge of the unconscious and methods that have increased in a good 100 years,
and methods of clearing it. Instead of just installing new beliefs, Mind Clearing first removes the old thought garbage,
to make room for the new thoughts.

As we know, in reality we don't get what we want or what someone else thinks we want, no, we get exactly what we already are mentally.
And in Mind Clearing we look at exactly what is there in our reality, what of our mostly unconscious thinking we let work outward.
And this is exactly what we change point by point.

In both cases, in FMD as well as in Mind Clearing, we assume that no two things can exist in the same place at the same time.
And in my opinion it is more effective to first throw out what we don't want and only then install something new,
because then there is space and it can be filled sensibly.



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