Is "The Secret" still secret, and is that perhaps by design?

Well, that's a stupid question, I'm sure many people are thinking. How can a book that has sold millions of copies and been translated into many languages still be secret? Where did I get such an idea?
Well, I've just had a lively discussion about it, and I'm really wondering now if the idea is so far-fetched.

In the beginning of "The Secret" it is reported that the secret of successful thinking has been kept secret by a few over the centuries, with the goal of being able to lead and exploit people better. Yes, I think you can leave that as a fact.

But at the latest with this book and the film this should be completely different, everyone should know about it and be able to apply it. Also well, everyone has the possibility to apply it, and nevertheless there are many groups in the net and elsewhere, which deal exactly with it. The reason is simple, because it does not work as expected.
Specifically, almost everyone wishes to be a millionaire, to have the ideal partnership and to be absolutely healthy.
And does it work? No, the people who have achieved all this effortlessly are really in the minority. So the statement from "The Secret", that we only have to think right,
is not true, it's just window dressing, a nice thought.
Now I scream very loudly: "Stop!!!!", it is all right what is said there, there are useful exercises, but .... . And this is what comes now.
But it lacks a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction, we are not just the little something with a thinking consciousness. We also have a quite powerful subconscious mind, which accounts for far more than 90% of our thinking. Ok, then just turn that off, don't give it any power. Doesn't really work either, because if I take the power away from the engine of my car, it gets quieter, but it doesn't run anymore either.
I don't want to go into all the basics behind it, I've already done that enough elsewhere.
Back to the initial thesis, the secret is out, or is it?
If I assume that there is a leading group in the background, which knows and knew the secret, and which are anxious to keep it further secret,
why do they let it happen? That such a book and many other books about it appear, which do not go into the background in wide areas?
Quite simply, we live in a time, in which humans become increasingly more conscious, everyone gets that. You can't keep the thought completely secret anymore.
So, let's feed people with superficiality, they don't achieve the desired results and then declare for themselves that it probably doesn't work after all.
And thus the goal is reached again.
And everyone who thinks that there is no controlling intervention should think about the movie "The Matrix", for example. The first part wraps the whole thing in a nice story, but is actually quite close to the truth, Neo is the chosen one, who can change the matrix according to his wishes. Interestingly, always for the good of all. In the second and third part this is quickly taken back, he is not that omnipotent.
There is a happy end, but not as it was started in the first part.

Could it be that the powers-that-be noticed the explosiveness after the first part, and then had it defused in the second and third parts? so that no one notices what's really behind it?

And so we continue to be inundated with many books and films that are well written and contain many truths, but only scratch the surface.

Interesting thought, I think.




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