Irrefutable Beliefs 

Irrefutable beliefs that confirm themselves again and again, as long as we believe these sentences .......

We are what we think!

We are what we believe!

Faith can move mountains!

"To you be done according to our faith!" These words are put into Jesus' mouth. "It was not I who healed you, but your faith!" 
This is how this great teacher is said to have said it after healing the sick.
Seriously ill people are deeply convinced of their physical limitations. They suffer and are convinced, even overwhelmed, 
of the inadequacy and vulnerability of their bodies. A paraplegic, is certainly completely convinced of his paralysis, 
a blind person sees it as a fact that he cannot see, and someone who has been diagnosed by doctors with incurable cancer 
probably has little chance of survival.

Now, we do not know what Jesus and other great teachers really did at that time. However, we know from countless healers, It is medically documented, 
It is medically documented that Gröning was able to help a paralyzed man out of his wheelchair. Cayce's miraculous healing activities are also documented. 
Clemens Kuby (co-founder of the "Greens") got himself out of the wheelchair (against all medical opinions), this is also documented, 
and many others more , just inform , open the consciousness for it ....
Illness , poverty , dissatisfaction and failures these are all immediate manifestations of personal beliefs .
Beliefs are solidified convictions that we believe to be irrefutably true.

They are necessary to maintain our "illusion" of the world. As children, we had to accept the beliefs of our parents and educators unchecked. 
perhaps believing in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and that Father can do anything. As adolescents, we should review these 
value systems and leave the restrictive behind us. In adolescence, we rebelled and what happened next? 
As adults, what belief systems did we establish within ourselves?

Personal beliefs:

I am poor, I never have enough money! I will get nowhere in life! The rich keep getting richer, at my expense! I am a victim! 
I am worthless! I am athletic and rarely sick. I am not to be gotten under. Nobody, -everybody likes me"

Hidden limiting patterns:

"I am first and foremost a good father, a good mother" "When I finally have enough money, I will finally be able to do what I want, 
because I work hard and diligently!"

Bridging beliefs:

"I am still limited in health, but I have ways and means of healing at my fingertips."" Not only am I a good mother, 
a good father, but I also get to pursue my own interests and hobbies."

Constructive beliefs:

"My very being, my self, is unlimited." "I can realize myself in countless areas." " I always have enough 
to enjoy a fulfilling life in safety and security." "All my power is in the present."


These are our base, the foundation around which all our other beliefs are built. 

"I am worthless!" or "I can do anything in life!" are what I would title core beliefs.
Now, in addition to these beliefs, there are also collective beliefs, that is, apparent facts in which a large part of humanity believes.
The most fatal is probably our collective conviction that we are separated from our source and that our body exists alone and independent of this universal energy. 
and independent of this universal energy. We may believe that a God created us and left us to our own devices. 
We would have to repent, fast prayers and perform rituals to regain the grace of our Creator. 
All these are beliefs, however, not irrefutable truths for which they are held. and I must also say , 
that in the meantime for me, in spiritual circles, new belief systems open up, which give me personally goose bumps.
We create ourselves in every moment , at every blink , at every breath by our own irrefutable truths our lives .

Recognize your true identity , not only understand , but recognize ..........

Change your belief patterns ... what are you experiencing , don't even want to experience ..and are convinced that this is exactly how it is , 
has always been and will always be like this ?
If you now say, that's all nonsense, what she has now written ... then ask yourself why you are this indisputable conviction, 
which beliefs are behind it ...

(Text Sigrid)


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