Is the Mind Clearing System hard? Or easy?

I find this a very interesting question, because actually the basic principle is quite simple. In the course of our lives we have all taken in information,
beliefs and convictions that now determine our lives. Here you then just have to expose everything that is not so useful,
which can even lead to serious illness, and change it into something that is useful.
Sounds simple, it is.

So why do some have trouble changing for the better? Of course, there are cases of severe trauma that people don't like to approach on their own,
That's understandable, and that's where we offer our help. But even with many events that, from the outside, seem simple, many people stop and don't even start.

What happens there? Is it that there is something in us that resists change, something that would rather leave everything in the old state,
no matter how burdensome?

Or is it a question of guilt? Guilt in the sense of having made a less than optimal or even subjectively wrong decision at an earlier point in life. Perhaps even as a child? Is it not the case that we make decisions at every point in our lives out of our respective consciousness? That we can never act differently, even if we realize shortly afterwards that this decision was not so good? But could we know that without having made that decision? No, we could not.

So, what is stopping you from living a life of freedom from beliefs that don't serve you, in order to live your life harmoniously and healthily?

Think about it.


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