The Path of the Mind Clearing System


If we look at what some people can achieve with the mind clearing system, I am proud of what we have created.
There are not only serious improvements in living conditions, but also diseases marked as "incurable" have suddenly disappeared.

Now one can think that this is the stone of the wise, and it would have to go through the ceiling in a frenzied manner. And everyone would have to rush to it.
That would at least be the logical conclusion.

And why doesn't that happen? Because the mind clearing system does not take away anyone's own responsibility, but on the contrary shows everyone that
that he and only he is responsible.

Why do so many shy away from self-responsibility? Perhaps it has to do with this widespread principle of guilt, with which we are constantly being snarled.
Guilt is a nice subject to make people docile. So according to the motto: "I'm bad because you're not the way I would like it to be".
This is called emotional blackmail.

The child is not good, if it does not do what the parents want, the citizen is not good, if he does not do what the government wants, the employee is not good,
if he does not do everything the chief says, the believer is not good if he does not do what the respective Church wants. We are even found guilty
explained for events that were committed generations ago and of which we only know what historiography tells us.

And so on. I think the principle is clear.

Just to think: every decision and every action that someone has made from the best knowledge of his situation has nothing to do with guilt.
It was thought to be the best.

If someone has learned to do so, presumably through this decision, then of course the person can condemn himself or be condemned by others.
Is that good?

Of course not.

What's the point then? Yes, look at what you have created, and because you have created it, you can change it or abolish it now, with increased awareness.
But I have to acknowledge that it was my creation, my responsibility. I was the Creator who created something that I no longer like.
And I didn't do that to annoy myself later, but because I didn't know better. Now I know better, so I'm creating better now.
And better now means: more servant for me.

Unfortunately, many are still so eager to hand over responsibility for their own change to others. Either you let others do it, like the doctor,
who is to make one healthy, or one blames others. It should be clear that this cannot work with a quick consideration.

Now there are also some who try to evade the problem by going to cloud 7 and preaching and living only light and love.
You can do it, but it doesn't work either. Because we are here to have experience. And with cloud 7 I have distance, but I also have no experience.
And with that I can see nothing and also not change anything in my behavior and thinking.

And because so much "service" is in demand, there are also many providers. Unfortunately, the providers of "finished solutions" themselves did not understand how it works.

I, too, have learned many "ready-made solutions" in the course of my life, unfortunately I don't start anything with it anymore. Because my conscience (I am sure = I know it is)
forbids me from "consciously" turning on something that doesn't help them.

What can we do? We not only show you the door, we also help shape the key that you can go through.
No more, but no less.


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